Boy time sure does fly by fast!  2011 is 30 days away from being over!  Where has the time gone, & why has this year been a total blur?

Well, anyway, it’s December…& my mom & I have already begun putting up Christmas decorations.  We started with the Christmas tree & have decided to let things flow from there on.  Here’s a look at our Christmas tree this year:


Also, I’ve decided to expand my annual Christmas LEGO decorations by re-displaying my Bake Shop/Ice Skating set again:

I don’t know why, but Christmas trees (& decorating them) always put me in a very festive mood for the Holidays.  I love being in the spirit of giving gifts, & I L-O-V-E giving gifts!  My decorating philosophy: The more sparkling & glittering decorations you put on the tree, the BETTER!!