I don’t watch The Jersey Shore show regularly…but when I get into a phase where I’ll watch a few back-to-back episodes (’cause there’s nothing else to watch on TV), I tend to pick up on a few things. These are some of the words/phrases I learned from watching The Jersey Shore (aside from the usual “Guido”, “GTL”):

1. “At this point…”
Every fight either starts or ends with the phrase “At this point…”. For example: “I’m…like…done with the kid at this point.”

2. “Grimy” – for when someone’s behavior & not their bed sheets is dirty/filthy/disgusting.

3. “the Kid” – another Jersey-fied way of saying “him” or “her” or “that guy”.

4. To “blast” someone – basically to yell at someone & eventually start a huge fight over nothing.

5. “Shady” – the most generic & baseless term for calling someone a liar or a creep for their suspicious or less than upstanding behavior.

6. “Boy code” – not to be confused with “Bro code”…this is when one Guido looks out for his “boy” who cries like a pussy after every bitch fest after a girlfriend fight, so they can “GTL” & “smush” drunk girls they bring home from the clubs.

See, there’s so much useless trash you can learn from watching The Jersey Shore on MTV when you want to fry your brain. This is complete & utter mind garbage, but it’s wicked fun sometimes, no?