This idea just suddenly popped into my head as I was eating breakfast this morning. I don’t understand why I always do this, but I tend to think a lot about food while I’m eating, like intensely think about food. I’m not thinking about the food I’m eating at that moment; I don’t over-analyze the food I’m eating, but I am thinking about many different types of other food.

Every now and again, I will sprinkle in a few references from the Ratatouille animated movie. (That movie is one of my absolute favorite movies of all-time.) No, I don’t think about rats cooking my food. My Ratatouille references usually lean towards Chef Auguste Gusteau & his motto “Anyone can cook!”. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if that character was a real-life person, & he cooked my meal. I’m hungry again. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here’s the list. Yup, the one I mentioned in the title.

1. Breaded Pastries (e.g Kouign amann, cheese danish, croissant, palmier)
2. Dessert Pastries/Cakes (e.g Mille crêpe cake, cream puff, shortcake, éclair)
3. Chinese soup noodles (mostly hand-pulled & hand-cut noodles. I’m not a big fan of egg noodles used for café style instant noodles)
4. Lobster (boiled or steamed…with oodles of drawn butter. I like most other seafoods too.)
5. Toast (with butter &/or strawberry jam)
6. Häagen Dazs ice cream (I like a lot of flavors.)
7. Pasta (authentic Italian or Japanese style, but mostly capellini with Aglio E Olio & tomatoes)
8. Chinese Sausage (especially the street vendor style, which is rotisserie-cooked like a hot dog, & it’s on a stick. Not a fan of the sweet Taiwanese sausages though. I do, however, also enjoy different wursts & breakfast links/patties)
9. Meat (e.g adult & young cow, pig, young sheep, various birds)
10. Sushi (I only eat it sashimi or nigiri style. I don’t believe in rolls of any kind, especially if it’s slathered in a creamy sauce, but that’s just my personal preference.)
11. Cereal (cornflakes, plain or frosted)