I genuinely enjoy watching the movie You’ve Got Mail with the actors Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan.

I’m not really a big fan of “chick flicks” or Romantic Comedy movies, but there are a few that I enjoy every now & again. You’ve Got Mail is one of those such movies that I like to watch. It’s a pretty outdated film, focusing on dial-up modems, the AOL running man logo, & that ringing email chime. Also, who can forget the start of instant messaging (a.k.a. AIM)?? Those were the days before iMessage and MacBooks.

This movie is charming. I like the idea of chatting up your love-interest/soul-mate through letters (electronic or other), getting to know each other deeply through careful, heartfelt words written without inhibition. It brings me back to when I was dating my husband. I used to send him handwritten letters at least once a week. He didn’t really have interest in the girly stationery or stickers I put on them, but he loved reading my letters. He kept all of my letters. I stopped writing him letters, but every once in a while I still write him notes & leave it on his nightstand table for him to read. He still loves reading my letters. I still love writing them, especially decorating them…even if he doesn’t much care for the stickers.