I recently went to Amazing Comic Con in Las Vegas, & I wasn’t really expecting to buy any goods. I’m not big into collecting action figures or classic comic books. I was nearly ready to leave the convention center when something incredible caught my attention. Actually, Jian pointed it out to me first. What stopped me dead in my tracks was a little booth called Gimme Flair, a booth selling iron-on patches, handmade decals, & enamel pins galore. I fell into sheer heaven.

I think I spent upwards of 45 minutes or so ransacking this booth. I left no pin unexamined, no stone unturned. Of course Jian left me to my vices & walked around he Con floor by himself instead of hovering over me, watching me flip out over pins & patches. I ended up with a little haul, & even though I keep promising myself that I won’t add more junk to my already massive pile of tchotchke clutter, when I see stickers/decals, or iron-on patches, or pins/buttons, I kind of throw some duct tape on the mouth of my inner conscience & just go ham.

So without further ado, say hello to my little haul…

It was so hard to keep myself from going really overboard & spending all of my vacation cash on these makes-a-hole-in-your-clothes little guys. I probably spent a good chunk of my time at this booth deciding which ones I was ultimately going to get. I’m sure the shopkeepers were ecstatic to see such a willing customer like me. I was satisfied with my little haul, & Jian wasn’t upset that I spent too much time at this booth since I didn’t go over my spending limit. I believe this haul came close to $35 bucks or so (give or take). Enamel pins can get really pricey sometimes, so I have to choose wisely, & that’s pretty much the end of it. I’m off to do a bit of grocery shopping. Until next time, cheers!

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