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“Duck says ‘quack’, and Fish go ‘blub’, and the Seal goes ‘ow ow ow’… But there’s one sound, that no one knows… What does the fox say?”

I’m not sure if this is a 100% worldwide viral video yet, but it is quickly becoming an Internet sensation (with even the Ohio University Marching Band playing a cover of this song at a recent game).  What’s that song, you ask?  It is… “The Fox” by Ylvis


I am completely smitten with this song (& possibly this group, which happens to be two Norwegian brothers who formed a comedic-duo-turned-TV-show-hosts).  There are some reviewers who describe this group as being like the Norwegian version of Saturday Night Live’s ‘The Lonely Island’.  I can sort of see the resemblance: the humor, the blatant spoofing, etc.  Whenever I listen to this song, it kind of reminds me of the song “If You’re Into It” by The Flight of The Conchords…for the seriously laugh-your-ass-off lyrics & catchy background beats.

Here’s more info about the group Ylvis:


Vergard & Bård Ylvisåker

1. Ylvis is a Norwegian variety show group (comedy duo/band) comprised of two brothers who consider themselves a cabaret.
2. The brothers’ names are Bård (the blonde one) and Vegard (brown hair) Ylvisåker; Vegard is a couple years older than Bård, although both are in their early thirties.
3. Vergard bears a striking resemblance to Josh Groban and has been known to impersonate him, even attempting to gain entry to venues where Groban is performing.
4. Last year, Ylvis won an award for Best Performance on Film and Television (in Norway), their first after being nominated for many awards previously.
5. They have another thought provoking video from a couple years ago called “What’s the meaning of Stonehenge.”
6. They are known as Norway’s version of The Lonely Island, an American comedy group.
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Here’s yet another hilarious video from Ylvis: “Pressure”


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