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This is a list I’ve compiled (among the countless other lists/surveys) of all the things I want to do or achieve before I die…a spin-off of the Bucket List idea.

  1. go to a Japanese Pop concert in Japan.
  2. go to a pro baseball game in Japan.
  3. watch a Kabuki stageplay in the famous Kabuki-Za theater in Tokyo.
  4. go to a pro Sumo wrestling match.
  5. go to the Forumla 1 Monacco Grand Prix race in Monte Carlo.
  6. go on an RV road trip.
  7. take a vacation on a house boat.
  8. take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy.
  9. go to the Tokyo International Film Festival (and maybe hang out with celebrities?).
  10. go to the Tokyo Auto Salon (a.k.a. Tokyo International Auto Show).
  11. own my very own traditional-style vacation home in Japan (possibly in Hakone).
  12. ride on a horse-drawn carriage in the snow.
  13. have a display room in my own place, filled with toys from the floor to ceiling.
  14. find a beagle dog that looks exactly like Snoopy (white fur, black ears).
  15. to see my fiancee wear a full Cosplay-style costume, complete with accessories.
  16. to reduce my habit of being a pack rat.
  17. to become a Dominatrix for a day (just for the hell of it).
  18. to have another big family reunion with my dad’s side of the family in Yokohama.
  19. to own my own business (even if it’s a side project or a weekend job).
  20. to re-learn how to play the piano again. (I want to get back to the level I was back in high school.)
  21. to become fluent in a foreign language (including reading/writing).
  22. to write a travel guidebook about Tokyo and/or Japan.
  23. to go camping with my fiancee, complete with a tent & a small camping grill. (But I would still pick a place with a community bathroom.  I don’t think I can rough it in the actual forrest.)


October 2011

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