Well, my whole family is sick; I mean really sick.  My sister has been battling a cold on-and-off for weeks, a virus that she got from her kids.  My sister’s two (most awesomest) kids also have been sick on-and-off for the past few weeks.  My nephew got it the worst with a severe sore throat, shortness of breath, fever spells, diarrhea, & etc.  At least my niece is all well & good now, but last week during my nephew’s birthday everybody was on the outs.  My sister was on the down-slope of her virus roller coaster, my brother-in-law was just starting to feel that first-sign tickle in his throat, my mom was battling a runny nose & my dad was developing a nasty & severe chest congestion (one he’s been getting at the exact same time every year for the past 3 years).

Oh, & did I mention that I’ve been battling a cold virus + fever on-and-off ever since the Thanksgiving holidays?  I just recently discovered that I now have an ear infection to go along with my tapering sinus congestion & the last remnants of my own cold virus.  My fiancee was also on the outs as well, battling sinus & chest congestion which has since been remedied by taking lots of Mucinex™ & his mom’s miracle Cantonese-style herbal soup.

Needless to say, this has been an awkward 3 weeks.  We have all battled & powered through our various symptoms & viruses.  Some of us are still on this wacky roller coaster ride of ailing symptoms.  Some of us are just about to cross that metaphorical finish line.  I just hope everyone of us is well straight through into the new year.