Alright, alright.  I’ve bought into the hype; I’ve fallen for the ads on TV.  I am officially in love with Gevalia brand coffee.  I am a huge coffee addict: the stronger, the better.  So, my interest was already piqued when I first caught a glimpse of the (cute) TV ads for the coffee brand.

I started off being one of those crazy Starbucks fanatics who thinks Starbucks is the be-all-end-all of coffee beans, but the Gevalia brand really changed my stubborn ol’ mind.  So far I’ve already tried the French Roast & Espresso Blend coffee beans (I like to grind the beans myself), &  I already love this brand.  They taste just as strong & flavorful as the Starbucks brand.

Ok, it may seem like I’m brown-nosing the Gevalia brand…but I’m just really excited about my recent discovery.  I first fell in love with the commercials.  This is my favorite commercial: