Well, what can I say?  This title pretty much sums it all up.  I must regretfully say that I was no longer able to stay in the apartment, which I thought was perfect for my lifestyle.  I truly loved the apartment.  I just could not justify the ridiculously insane rent increase & outrageous fee hikes.  So, I decided to move to a new more affordable place.

I just finished moving out of the apartment & have finally moved into a new place.  It’s not the most ideal situation at the moment, but I am very happy/satisfied with the new living arrangements.  I said before (in previous entries) that I am trying (probably not as hard as I’d like) to regularly update this blog.  Oh boy!  I sure spoke too soon.  After all the furniture moving & the removal of old unwanted junk…I think we are finally settled in our new place.  Now, I can finally get back to the business at hand.

Hey, blog.  I’m back with a slight vengeance.