There’s nothing more soothing, to me, than the pitter-patter sound of rain as it falls aimlessly from the sky.  I enjoy listening to the sound of rain when I’m going to bed.  It calms me down & lulls me into a blissful slumber.  It’s especially fun to listen to & watch the rain through the window while you are all warm & cozy inside.  (Woo-hoo!)

I can just picture the scene now: Sitting by the crackling fireplace, dressed in a cozy sweater, wrapped up in a soft blanket, all while sipping a warm beverage, as you peer out the window & notice the rain has grown heavier.  Today is not the day to make the journey outdoors, but to spend the hours in the confines of a warm interior, wide-eyed & with a child-like curiosity, wistfully observing the rain.

I like the rain (especially when I am warm & dry).  I do wonder if you like the rain too.  Cheers!