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It’s raining again today, the first sign of Spring. Today I’m visiting one of the bustling neighborhoods of the city. I’m sitting at a small café among the quiet students, budding artists, & chatty businessmen heartily discussing work over a cup of coffee & a well-worn laptop.

It’s drizzling outside, not quite a shower or a mist, but just enough to make use of my orange umbrella. I am nestled cozily in the warmth of the small café, just casually gazing out of the lead (or whatever metal) framed window. It brings such joy to be enveloped in the comfort of a warm, dry bubble…all while the world outside of this bubble soaks up the dampness falling from the sky. “Ahhh, this is the good life,” I note to myself. This IS the good life indeed, with my toasted chocolate croissant & hot cup of French Roast coffee (add sugar & half-&-half).

Amongst all that is happening around outside, it is very relaxing & therapeutic to take a well-deserved break every now & again just to recharge one’s soul. Just take a breather. How long? Five minutes? Ten minutes? One hour? Who cares! As long as you’re having fun while doing it. Just a bit of a caution: Contents may be delicious while served in a To-Go cup. Cheers!

Oh!!! Today’s song of the day:
More Today Than Yesterday
Artist: Charles Earland
Album: The Almighty Burner


There’s nothing more soothing, to me, than the pitter-patter sound of rain as it falls aimlessly from the sky.  I enjoy listening to the sound of rain when I’m going to bed.  It calms me down & lulls me into a blissful slumber.  It’s especially fun to listen to & watch the rain through the window while you are all warm & cozy inside.  (Woo-hoo!)

I can just picture the scene now: Sitting by the crackling fireplace, dressed in a cozy sweater, wrapped up in a soft blanket, all while sipping a warm beverage, as you peer out the window & notice the rain has grown heavier.  Today is not the day to make the journey outdoors, but to spend the hours in the confines of a warm interior, wide-eyed & with a child-like curiosity, wistfully observing the rain.

I like the rain (especially when I am warm & dry).  I do wonder if you like the rain too.  Cheers!


October 2022

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