Being such a fan of Summer, I never thought I would ever say this, but I am really enjoying the cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Well, I’m not happy about all of the horrific (& unfortunate) traffic accidents. My well wishes go out to the people involved in all the snow-related car pile-ups on the road.

However… On a happier note, I am quite enjoying this frigid weather. In the city where I live, the Summer weather tends to trail off by late September to early October, but this year it stayed warm all the way up until the end of October, & I was starting to worry a bit. When was Autumn/Winter going to arrive? (I’m not going to ramble on-&-on about global warming.)

Ahh… Winter has arrived! The weather has been in the 30s, 40s & 50s (Fahrenheit) for the past few weeks, & I quite like the change from the warm-ish climate of the Summer. Since Christimas is coming up very soon, & that’s my favorite holiday of the year, this blustery cold front really enhances the mood/feeling of the holiday season!

I used to dislike cold weather when I was much younger. Winter weather always brought upon extremely dry, itchy skin & allergies galore. The itchy skin was the worst! No matter how much I scratched & applied lotion, it just wouldn’t stop itching. Then, having to peel away all the layers of clothes just to scratch that hard-to-reach spot on my back would drive me nuts!! Thinking back on those times is practically making my skin itch right now. I have since then developed a skincare routine for my itchy skin & a method to fight off my nagging allergies. Now I am ready to take on Jack Frost!! (Ha ha.)

Not wanting to over-explain my story here (too late), I have made up a short list on why I think this Winter weather is awesome.

01. Wearing warm & cute scarves (& thick thermal socks too!)
02. Shopping for new sweaters
03. Sitting by the fireplace (w/ family & friends of course)
04. Curling up under a thick blanket
05. Sipping hot drinks (e.g. coffee, tea, hot toddy)
06. Wearing a puffy down jacket, which makes me look like the Michelin Tires character
07. Dressing up my husband with cool beanie caps & hats

Cheers to staying warm & safe in this cold weather.