Ever since I was a little kid (who was obsessed with Hello Kitty & ALL THINGS Sanrio), I’ve been hoarding collecting pens.  It started with my habit of “keeping the last one before I use it all up”.  Just like I do with my letter sets, I keep the last sheet of paper & envelope as a way to show a timeline of all the sets I’ve had over the years, & also as a keepsake to look back on all my old letter sets.  As for my pens, I’d use the pens until they were almost out of ink, then I’d save the pen & not use it again for the same reasons.  I’ve pretty much packed away my old stationery sets & sent them off to my storage closet for safe-keeping, but I still have a huge craft box (see previous entries for a visual reference) of all the pens I currently use.

Lately, I’ve been extremely addicted to the Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Ink pens.  I’ve been collecting all of the colors little-by-little, & I believe I have amassed a collection of approximately 20 pens or so.  I’ve been mainly collecting the plain colored pens & not the metallic pens.  I’m not a fan of metallic gel ink pens as I feel they tend to smudge easily.  My favorite pen tip thickness is 0.5mm; it’s just the right amount of thickness that I like for writing, & the tip is not too thin/sharp to tear the paper.

While I was on my trip to Asia, I kind of went a little crazy with stocking up on stationery again.  I recently saw a new collection of scented pens by Zebra, which was a collaboration with Lipton tea.  The pens all have a different fruit tea scent.  I normally don’t care for scented ink pens, but… 1. these were part of a limited edition set, 2. the scents smelled nice, 3. I love Lipton tea, & 4. I just couldn’t pass them up!  These are the pens I picked up.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the packaged sets, so I am missing a few of the colors to make a complete collection.

Photo on the Left courtesy of www.JapanToday.com

Photo on the Left courtesy of http://www.JapanToday.com
Set A + Set B
1. Grape Tea
2. Muscat Tea
3. Caramel Tea au Lait
4. Lemon Tea
5. Vanilla Tea au Lait
6. Peach Tea
7. Valencia Orange Tea

I also picked up one pink pen from the limited edition Pink Series.  There are a total of 5 various ‘pink’ colors in this series.  I only chose the coral pink “mustache” color.


This is what the entire series looks like:

Yep, I guess you could say that I’m really bananas for this Sarasa Gel Ink clip pen.  I might need help for my pen addiction. Hellllll~p!