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like a kid again

So, I feel like ever since I came back from my very first trip to London, I have become obsessed with all things British. I might be turning into an Anglophile; I’m not sure. Well, I can say that I was an admirer of British things, people, & culture ever since I was a little kid, & that admiration has carried on into my adulthood. Also as an adult, I still carry that inner child within me, & that has also continued in my fandom for LEGOs.

I believe I may have already mentioned in a previous post (way back when) about my collection of LEGO Creator sets.

lego completes.png

This list is dated as of September 2017

I’ve already got the Tower Bridge & Big Ben sets as gifts from older brother on Christmas & my birthday. So, it was only fitting that I get the London Bus set when it went on pre-sale to all LEGO rewards card members.


I know it sounds ridiculous to call it a pre-sale-for-rewards-members-only when it was basically sitting on the store shelves for anyone to grab two cussing weeks ahead of it’s scheduled mass release date, but you know those marketing guys…They really know how to bait-&-hook gullible suckers customers like me. So, I basically ran into this set by sheer coincidence while I was window-shopping at the mall.

I guess Jian was doing some “bro-tastic” weekend event with his male co-workers, & I was left alone to my devices & decided to peruse the shopping mall unsupervised. I always have to make my rounds at the LEGO store even if they don’t have any new sets, & I caught this sparkling gem displayed in the store window. I walked into the store (about as calmly as a bull in a china shop), & grabbed the last box sitting on the shelf. The cashier promptly told me that this set was on pre-sale for rewards members only, but I figured anyone could grab it since it was sitting on a regular store shelf with no special sign or label.

What did I do next? Well, after I brought this set home, I proceeded to build it. It took me an entire weekend to build, as I would take breaks in between each numbered set of instructions.


The bricks come in individually numbered bags according to the instruction book, which over the years have gone from thin, individual booklets, to one thick book about the same thickness as an old fashioned telephone directory. I usually separate all of the brick bags by number, & only work on one set of numbered bags per day.

I know for a more skilled LEGO set builder, this London Bus could’ve probably been completed in a few short hours, but I work very slowly, examining each piece to make sure I’m following the directions to the letter. That’s pretty much my lame excuse to cover up the fact that I’m not good at counting the dots on the bricks, & I’m crap at measuring short & long pieces. So, that pretty much slows me down immensely. Jian on the other hand, is so quick at building LEGO sets, & he has a good eye at measuring & counting the pieces. He could’ve probably built this set in one afternoon. I like to take my time to make sure I’m not making any mistakes. There have been quite a few times in other sets where I’ve made mistakes in measuring pieces & had to break off sections & re-do them.

It might take me a long time, but I don’t care. I get enjoyment & fulfillment in taking my sweet ass time. I will put on some relaxing jazz or chill-hop music, or whatever strikes my mood on Spotify, & then I will proceed to open up the little plastic baggies & empty out the contents on to paper plates or bowls. This helps me find pieces faster, so I don’t have to go digging around in each individual baggie. The results give me a feeling of fullness, satisfaction, & accomplishment that can only be described by admiring the finshed result.






There you have it! My completed London Bus! I can’t wait to see what new sets LEGO will think of next. Until then, I’m on my way to build my next set, which is the Creator Carousel, given to us by our extremely generous friends from Southern California!! Cheerio & cheers, mates!

P.S. The Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats -slash- Kings of Leon concert I went to two weeks ago was incredible!!! I took a few videos & posted them on my Instagram page. I barely knew three songs by Kings of Leon, but I had a blast anyway. Then, I let Jian & another friend of ours talk me into going to watch A$AP MOB in concert (sometime between now & October, I think). On top of that, I’m waiting, like a giddy child on Christmas Day waiting to open presents, to go watch The Killers (my all-time favorite rock band) in concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles early next year. My cuss! It’s going to be a glorious time for music & live events…

Today’s song of the day:

Ever since I was a little kid (who was obsessed with Hello Kitty & ALL THINGS Sanrio), I’ve been hoarding collecting pens.  It started with my habit of “keeping the last one before I use it all up”.  Just like I do with my letter sets, I keep the last sheet of paper & envelope as a way to show a timeline of all the sets I’ve had over the years, & also as a keepsake to look back on all my old letter sets.  As for my pens, I’d use the pens until they were almost out of ink, then I’d save the pen & not use it again for the same reasons.  I’ve pretty much packed away my old stationery sets & sent them off to my storage closet for safe-keeping, but I still have a huge craft box (see previous entries for a visual reference) of all the pens I currently use.

Lately, I’ve been extremely addicted to the Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Gel Ink pens.  I’ve been collecting all of the colors little-by-little, & I believe I have amassed a collection of approximately 20 pens or so.  I’ve been mainly collecting the plain colored pens & not the metallic pens.  I’m not a fan of metallic gel ink pens as I feel they tend to smudge easily.  My favorite pen tip thickness is 0.5mm; it’s just the right amount of thickness that I like for writing, & the tip is not too thin/sharp to tear the paper.

While I was on my trip to Asia, I kind of went a little crazy with stocking up on stationery again.  I recently saw a new collection of scented pens by Zebra, which was a collaboration with Lipton tea.  The pens all have a different fruit tea scent.  I normally don’t care for scented ink pens, but… 1. these were part of a limited edition set, 2. the scents smelled nice, 3. I love Lipton tea, & 4. I just couldn’t pass them up!  These are the pens I picked up.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the packaged sets, so I am missing a few of the colors to make a complete collection.

Photo on the Left courtesy of

Photo on the Left courtesy of
Set A + Set B
1. Grape Tea
2. Muscat Tea
3. Caramel Tea au Lait
4. Lemon Tea
5. Vanilla Tea au Lait
6. Peach Tea
7. Valencia Orange Tea

I also picked up one pink pen from the limited edition Pink Series.  There are a total of 5 various ‘pink’ colors in this series.  I only chose the coral pink “mustache” color.


This is what the entire series looks like:

Yep, I guess you could say that I’m really bananas for this Sarasa Gel Ink clip pen.  I might need help for my pen addiction. Hellllll~p!


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