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This is a new word that I’ve added to my “favorites” list. With a extremely anticipated book-series-turned-movie coming out in theaters next month, this word &/or action is definitely on everybody’s mind. It surely is on my mind a lot more lately, but not because of the book series, but because I’ve been feeling quite touch-y. (Sorry, bad pun.) Cheers.

Today’s song of the day:

I am trying to work out at the gym today. Fast walking on the treadmill is my feeble attempt at staying healthy & maintaining my weight. It’s really difficult to get yourself to put in a decent workout when you have a dull headache nagging at you all morning. Drinking plenty of cold water helps. Today I’m just dragging my feet, not feeling motivated to do much but grab a hot cup of coffee (or three). Well, at least I stumbled upon this little gem while I was looking for a new mobile phone background wallpaper:
I found this wallpaper on the LINE DECO – Wallpapers & Icons (by Camp Mobile) smartphone App. It really fits my style & says it all. Cheers!

Today’s song of the day:

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I feel like I am a total hoarder, especially when it comes to stationery goods. Whenever I see something cute or interesting (or shiny), I try my damn hardest to walk away, but ultimately I cannot resist & end up getting it. This particularly applies whenever I am near pens (&/or all other writing instruments) & stickers.

I don’t know why I am so obsessed with pens, to be honest. I don’t think I even have nice handwriting or good penmanship. I feel like my handwriting looks too masculine, too messy, & much like chicken scratch…or a person hyped up on 6 shots of espresso (which is called a Revolver, by the way).

This time, I went a little nuts & bought several Pilot Frixion Color Marker Pens. Now my pen container Leroy is getting full. (Yes, I named my pen container, an inanimate object, LEROY. Whatever.) Anyway, I really love the Frixion series by Pilot. So far, I have 2 Frixion gel pens that I keep in my purse, & I absolutely love them. They are very easy to write with, & they erase beautifully (i.e. very cleanly, with no smudges or paper damage). Since I’ve fallen in love with this Frixion series, I decided to try out these colored markers. The markers don’t erase as cleanly as the gel pens, but they write very nicely without smudges, & I like the medium thickness of the felt tip.

Here are the pens that I got recently. These are not all of the colors in the entire series, but they were the only ones I saw, so I snatched them up quickly.
frixion markers

Here is a closer look at the pen:

frixion marker pinkI think I am going to try out these pens straight away, & see how it turns out. Until then, cheers!

Today’s song of the day:


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