This is really stupid, & I’m sorry for making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is, but I’ve been toying with the idea of whether or not I should turn this into a full-blown blog post. Then I thought, why the hell not? I’m going to say it. I like to read romance novels. Okay, there. I’ve said it…my stupid, pathetic, mousy confession. I’m not revealing some Earth-shattering revelation, or some horrible wretched secret. However, this is something I don’t feel comfortable talking about. That’s right. I don’t like bringing up this subject. No, I don’t think it’s taboo or naughty, but I just don’t particularly like revealing this side of myself. Every time I bring up this subject amongst my peers or friends, I get heckled &/or laughed at which makes me want to hide this side of myself. I don’t think I’m especially sensitive towards petty judgement, but you can’t help but feel affected by it every now & then.

Everyone has heard of the term “bodice rippers” when it comes to lovey-dovey reading material. My friends like to poke fun at the subject & call them “bean flickers”. In case you’ve never heard of this slang term, ‘bean flicker’ refers to the act of a woman giving herself self-stimulation of a sexual nature, to her lady bits…particularly the little bean-down-there. If one should feel so adventurous, this stimulation could also involve another person’s assistance.

I’m blushing as I write this post. Yes, I am partially embarrassed to talk about this out loud. It’s not something I should be ashamed of, & I’m not ashamed of it per sè…I’m just a little shy to open up about this subject.

I don’t think I’ve read a lot of these books, but I have read my fair share of them. Let’s see…

  • I’ve read the extremely famous trilogy about the billionaire control freak & his innocent book-loving love interest. (This is my favorite series by far.)
  • Also, the 4-part book series about the rude bad-boy Brit who falls in love with the college student who gives him a dozen second chances after many extreme ups & downs.
  • Then there was the the book series about the billionaire mogul with a dark past who instantly falls in love with a head-strong & feisty woman with an equally dark past.
  • Or how about another one of my favorite book series about the college professor/specialist who falls in love with his one-time student among the apple orchards.
  • I’ve also read the short series about the underground fighting college student who falls in love at first sight with his anti-poker playing classmate.
  • Yes, I’ve even read a few supernatural books, additions to the college professor’s series, about vampires ruling Italian cities by night & re-discovering the human emotion/ability to love another, even if she is a mere human with a physical disability.
  • There have also been a few historical storylines sprinkled in here & there. You know those stories about roguish dukes, devilish rakes, Highland warriors, protecting a woman’s virtue, seeking her older brother’s approval, doing the honorable thing, etc.

I don’t have any particular category within this book genre that I like or look for. I just like whatever catches my attention. The story doesn’t have to have gratuitous sexual scenarios, but I’m not totally against it either. If done well, then I’m all for it…& I do like explicit content so long as it fits appropriately within the storyline. I’m not shy about reading those parts, even if the nature of the scenarios are aggressive, brutal, or explorative. Hey, I even thought the sex scenes in the billionaire control freak’s books were quite tame. I hope that doesn’t give away too much of what goes running through my wild imagination. Hahaha.

Well, there. I’ve said it. Please don’t laugh at me. I’m new at this, & that’s all I’m going to say about it. Cheers.

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