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Even as a young child my tastes & interests were pretty much all over the place. I liked things both girls & boys liked. I wasn’t a tomboy by any stretch of the word, but I wasn’t feminine/girly either. I’m not sure how best to describe myself other than to say that my interests were split right down the middle. I can’t say that it had turned me into a balanced person, but it opened my eyes up to new interests. Let’s take a look at what I was into when I was a little tyke.

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  1. One of the first toys I remember playing with as a young child was LEGOs. I remember my mom had bought me a bucket of miscellaneous pieces, & I would sit in my room & build stupid things. Not things like cars or houses like most normal kids. No, that wasn’t me. I clearly remember one time when I built a toy gun. I thought I was being badass & rebellious at that age (I was probably about 6 or 7 then). I was being really secretive about it, & when someone would pass by my room to check on me, I would pretend that I was making alphabet letters or random shapes. I was so scared that one of my siblings would notice I was making a toy gun & tattle tale on me to my mom. After building my toy gun & feeling so smug that I had made a weapon of zero destruction, I quickly took apart all of the pieces to hide the evidence of my not-so-nefarious creation.
  2. When I was a kid I used to be utterly obsessed with the cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake. I loved her, & I wanted to be just like her living in a cute house next to all of my friends with cute fruit-y dessert sounding names. I always hated it when the Peculiar Purple Pieman came to ruin all the fun & happiness. I don’t even remember how I got introduced to Strawberry Shortcake & her sweet friends. All I can remember from my childhood is that I used to own a few VHS tapes of the show & a vinyl record of the Strawberry Shortcake theme song. My aunt even hand sewn a red security blanket for me with a huge Strawberry Shortcake pattern on it. I still have that blanket to this very day, & it looks just as new as the day my aunt gave it to me. I rarely used it as a security blanket. I mostly kept it folded up & tucked away so I wouldn’t get it dirty or worn out. (So typical of me!)
  3. I remember playing with Transformers when I was a little girl. I didn’t own any of the robo-toys myself, but there was a Japanese boy who lived up the street from me who owned a few of the Japanese versions of these awesome toys, & we used to play together while our moms hung out like two chatty 「おばあさん」(Sorry, mom). This boy let me play with his Optimus Prime, while he played with his other much cooler Japanese robo-toys & kaiju toys. I also used to enjoy watching the American cartoon on TV. I didn’t understand, or care to understand, the rivalry between the Autobots & the Decepticons. All I cared about was how cool it was to have a car that morphed into a talking robot friend. By the way, my two favorite characters when I was a kid was 1. Optimus Prime because he was the cool leader, & 2. Bumblebee because he was a small-ish yellow car, & I was a small kid. 
  4. When I was a little kid, we had a male teenage cousin living with us for a couple of years. My cousin was super awesome & cool. He was like a big brother figure to me (aside from my actual brothers), & we used to play together. This cousin used to collect G.I. Joe action figures when he was younger along with MAD Magazine comics. I wanted to play with him & my older siblings, so I got into this line of toys so that we could have a common interest. Of course, I wanted to get all the female action figures, even if they were on the enemy Cobra team. My cousin had tons of these action figures, & I only had one…the lady with the white ski outfit & the removable skiis, which my cousin always reminded me not to loose the skis for my action figure or else he wouldn’t let me play with his G.I. Joe figures anymore. I don’t know why I chose that figure in particular. I just wanted something I could play with alongside my cousin. Did I mention that I also watched this cartoon as well? I used to watch tons of cartoons as a child. My family, especially my generation, revolved around the television set.
  5. My sister’s (biological) dad used to work in the import-export industry, & he used to work with Sanrio, the company that started the Hello Kitty trend. My sister’s dad used to send her a bunch of free Hello Kitty stuff like stationery & toys, & when she got older, she would pass down her stuff to me that she didn’t want. That’s partly how I became utterly obsessed with all things Sanrio. It also helped that my aunts & uncles in Japan would send my dad care packages & include a few Hello Kitty toys for me. I loved watching the Hello Kitty & Friends TV show, & had a few VHS tapes of the movies. Then, when I was in Kindergarten, I met a Japanese girl in my class who had the same interests as I did. She lived in my neighborhood, & our parents became close friends. Since both of our dads were Japanese living in an American suburban neighborhood, they were able to speak Japanese to each other, & that brought our families closer together. This girl quickly became my best friend & our mutual love of all things Hello Kitty strengthend our bond. Even after my friend moved back to Japan in the 3rd grade, our families still keep in touch. 
  6. Go Bots is like the red-headed, black sheep, wannabe, lesser counterpart to TransformersTransformers fans absolutely crush Go Bots to oblivion, & it’s kind of taboo to say you like both toy/cartoon franchises. I liked Go Bots about as much as I liked Transformers. I loved how cars & other vehicles could morph into talking robots. Like I mentioned before, I was super into watching cartoons when I was a kid, so it was only natural that I watched this cartoon as well. I pretty much watched all of the cartoon hit shows.
  7. I really liked Rainbow Brite. I had a Rainbow Brite doll, & I loved braiding her yellow yarn string hair. I also loved her rainbow colored outfit with the pink-ish/blue-ish iridescent colored skirt, & the cute little star tattoo on her cheek (like a little beauty mark). I was into Rainbow Brite around the same time that I discovered the TV show Punky Brewster. I loved how they both wore colorful clothes & went on awesome adventures. I used to play with my Rainbow Brite doll & pretend that she was my little sister.
  8. How did I ever discover Thor, of all characters? This was right around the age when I started to have crushes on boys & was practically infatuated with any male star on TV (like actor Scott Baio when he appeared on Happy Days as Fonzi‘s cousin Chachi). I think I had somewhat of a crush on this beefy, blonde Norse god, but I was mostly envious of Thor’s winged helmet & powerful hammer, which I used to call a mallot (don’t ask me why). I sooo wanted a winged helmet like Thor’s helmet . There’s not much else I can say about why I liked Thor of all the action hero characters from the 80s and so on. I just thought he was super cool, & I kind of wanted long, shiny hair like him.
  9. OK. My love of Care Bears is a whole lot easier to explain. All the kids in my family loved Care Bears. When my siblings, cousins, & I were all younger kids, I’m not sure who decided this, but we were all assigned a specific Care Bears character to be our personal mascot. Mine was Friendship Bear, the bright pink bear with the rainbow 🌈  on its tummy. I loved how cheerful & happy this character was. (I’m like my 9-year old nephew in a lot of ways, mostly because we don’t like sad or negative scenarios. We like happy endings & positive scenes.) When we were all younger, each of us kids had our own Care Bears stuffed animal & toys, & some of my cousins also had Care Bears security blankets & stuffed pillows sewn by my aunt. All of us as kids watched the Care Bears movies & TV shows. We played with all of the posable action figures & Play-Doh putty kits. It just became our “thing”. I’m not sure of the origins & how this all came about, but I remember this Care Bears theme running in our family when we were all young kids.
  10. So, for this explanaition I’m going to lump He-ManShe-Ra together. Yes, they go together anyway since they’re both siblings. However, I will confess that when I was a little kid, I thought He-Man She-Ra were boyfriend & girlfriend. I had no idea until I was a teenager that they were actually brother & sister. When I was little, I pretended that He-Man She-Ra were dating. Well, I ended up scratching that childhood memory once I learned they couldn’t exactly date each other. I loved He-Man sooo much when I was a kid. I guess I had a thing for blonde super heroes because I also really liked He-Man‘s blond hairstyle in this cartoon. The bowl cut reminded me of so many Asian boys that went to my primary school. My favorite Masters of the Universe character had to be Cringer at the time. He was such a wimpy lil’ chicken shit, & I could totally relate to that because when I was 8 years old, I also was way too wimpy & mousy to do anything outside of my comfort zone. (That’s also probably why I loved Scooby-Doo because he was a wimp too.) I also was super in love with She-Ra‘s horse Spirit, but especially when it turned into a rainbow-colored magical unicorn (a.k.a. Swifty). I remember having a He-Man & a She-Ra action figure when I was a kid. I wanted a Battle Cat figure, but my mom said it was too ugly, plus I didn’t like Cringer’s face, so I ended up getting a Swifty figure instead & was so pumped when I could play with it in the bathtub & pretended it was a swan that could swim. Yes, I was a weirdo back when I was a mere 8-years old. (I once also jumped into the bathtub with my socks on when my sister dared me to do it. If anyone tried to dare me to do that now, I would probably scream bloody murder & physically attack that person for even suggesting such an aggregious act of barbarianism.) My most fondest memory of my childhood was one time when I forced my parents to take me to the event center to watch He-Man On Ice. I also made them buy me a light-up plastic He-Man souvenir sword that would say “By the power of Gray Skull…” when you pressed a button on the hilt. I also got one of those souvenir flashlights with the fiberglass strings at the end that spun around when you pressed on the button. Looking back on my childhood now, I can’t even begin to decipher why I wanted to be like He-Man (& not She-Ra). I wanted to be a blonde buff guy with a bowl haircut & a wimpy, chicken shit green tiger sidekick.
  11. Last but not least, I had to say one of my most favorite toys was a pair of expandable plastic roller skates that weren’t even real roller skates at all. They were clip on roller skate wheels that you attached to your shoes & could barely  skate around the concrete patio in your backyard. I found a great commercial on YouTube to show the awesomeness that were Fisher-Price roller skates (a.k.a. “practice skates”).

I would put on these skates every day & ride around in my backyard, pretending I was cool & like I was in an imaginary race with other skaters. I wore these skates out. I was so excited when I found out they were adjustable & I could expand them to fit my growing, yet still small, feet. I wore them until my feet could no longer fit in them. Then my mom gave them away to a lady she knew who had little kids of her own, but couldn’t afford to buy toys like this. When I wore these Fisher-Price roller skates around my backyard, I thought I was so badass doing some sort of extreme sport. That just goes to show how crazy my imagination was, even at such a young age.

You see, even at a small age, I was able to stretch my imagination, even if it was beyond far fetched & dumb. I’ve always said, especially to myself with my own inner thoughts, that I have an overactive imagination. That’s what fuels me to write. It’s what motivated me to start a real blog. Many moons ago, I used to have a failed LiveJournal account. I also tried to start a so-called blog on Facebook when they once had a notes feature. At least on Facebook, I was once able to write 100 consecutie notes in a daily challenge I set for myself. It’s all of these things from when I was a kid that propelled me to where I am today, writing this blog post for you. I hope you enjoy, & this somehow takes you back to when you were a child & gets you to think about what kinds of toys & characters inspired your inner child. Until then, cheers mates!!

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The other day I was at a shop, & I saw a guestbook at the checkout counter where you were encouraged to write some things about yourself & share your fun facts with others. I decided to copy the lines from this fun book & write one about myself. Maybe this will help you get to know me better. I certainly would like to get to know more people better. Also, I want to make myself known more, & not be so antisocialreclusivealoneclosed off. Here goes nothing….

temp profile list

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  1.   When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with A LOT of food allergies. I could’ve become the kid in the bubble who couldn’t eat anything, but over the years, I’ve given my allergies a big “F…You”, &have overcome most of my ridiculous food allergies. For the foods I still am allergic to, I take an allergy pill & proceed to eat my heart out without feeling the effects of an itchy mouth.
  2. I am a creature of habit. Once I find a food/dish I really enjoy eating (eg. roast beef sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, etc.), I can eat that same dish everyday for a week or more without getting sick of it. That’s why I always buy the exact same coffee drink & pastry at my local coffee shop.
  3. BUT… That doesn’t mean I don’t like to explore new &/or other foods. I was an extremely picky eater as a child, but now I heartily eat all the different foods I would never even look at let alone try (eg. tomatoes &/or most vegetables, Persian food, etc.).
  4. I have eaten some pretty crazy, Fear Factor style Asian foods in my life, which even surprises ME to this day. My family always makes jokes about how I mostly like to eat plain foods like: white toast with butter or naked pasta sans sauce or seasoning, which is often times true. So, I shocked myself when I dared to try snake soup in China. (I didn’t like it because who eats steaming hot soup in the middle of Summer?) I have also tried whale meat sashimi in Japan, which was not as weird as I would’ve thought. It tasted like very, very rubbery beef. I don’t think I will ever eat whale in Japan again due to their extremely appalling & inhumane whaling practices. That was a one-time deal. In Japan, I have also eaten horse meat sashimi. I fell in love with it immediately. That’s the most craziest thing I’ve ever tasted, & I absolutely cannot believe that I love it, let alone like it.
  5. I am Asian, but I’m not a very big fan of noodles (of any kind). Noodles don’t really appeal to me, but RICE on the other hand, gets me all sorts of excited. I love to eat rice, especially white rice of course, but fried rice, clay pot rice, crispy pan fried rice, are all tasty as well. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy a bowl of soup noodles, Phở or ramen every now & again, but I will not go out of my way to eat it. I am #TeamRice all the way.

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questions answers 

 Every time I write something about myself, it’s always about something unusual or weird. Perhaps I think of myself as a weird person. I am not sure. Well, anyway, today I’m going to write about PAJAMAS. This topic, or article of clothing, has been on my mind lately & I wanted to address it.

I have a weird “thing” about pajamas. Maybe it’s called a “quirk” or something, but I just have this issue with pajamas, more specifically keeping pajamas “clean”. Let me try to put this into coherent words. I don’t like wearing pajamas outside of the bedroom. I don’t like walking around the house or lounging around on lazy days in pajamas. I get an uneasy feeling whenever I think about this. It’s mostly because of the idea that I’ve burned into my brain that all pajamas should be clean ones. When I say “clean pajamas”, I mostly mean pajamas that have not touched other household furniture other than the bed. It’s okay if you sit on the couch a little bit, but mainly, I don’t like the idea of wearing pajamas like everyday street clothes or lounging clothes & then climbing into bed when they’ve been all over the place.

I know this is making me sound like a crazy person, but it’s just something that specifically applies to me & my life. I get a gross, partially sickening feeling when I am walking around at the shopping mall, & I see shoppers wearing pajama pants like they’re a pair of comfy sweat pants. I get an even worse feeling when they pair the PJ pants with a pair of UGG™ slippers. I think silk pajamas were once a very fleeting trend in the fashion world a year or two ago. I’ve seen some celebrities in tabloid magazines on those Worst Dressed lists (rightfully so), wearing silk pajama tops as blouses. I personally don’t think wearing pajamas, other than for sleeping, is appropriate. Hey, don’t shoot me for expressing my personal opinion.

I am starting to feel like the more I write about this topic, the more strange I am sounding. I mean, come on. It’s just P-A-J-A-M-A-S for Pete’s sake. I’ve always made it painfully clear that I am in NO way, shape, or form an expert on fashion. I am the least stylish or trendy person I know. I can barely put my jeans on one leg at a time, let alone string together a Fashion Week runway outfit. All I know, & all I can say is that I like to keep my pajamas strictly in the bedroom. My boudoir attire never mixes with my street clothes. I will rarely walk out of my bedroom without changing my clothes first. It’s just my choice. A habit. A quirk. A weird “thing”. To each his own, I guess. Cheers!

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This is really stupid, & I’m sorry for making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is, but I’ve been toying with the idea of whether or not I should turn this into a full-blown blog post. Then I thought, why the hell not? I’m going to say it. I like to read romance novels. Okay, there. I’ve said it…my stupid, pathetic, mousy confession. I’m not revealing some Earth-shattering revelation, or some horrible wretched secret. However, this is something I don’t feel comfortable talking about. That’s right. I don’t like bringing up this subject. No, I don’t think it’s taboo or naughty, but I just don’t particularly like revealing this side of myself. Every time I bring up this subject amongst my peers or friends, I get heckled &/or laughed at which makes me want to hide this side of myself. I don’t think I’m especially sensitive towards petty judgement, but you can’t help but feel affected by it every now & then.

Everyone has heard of the term “bodice rippers” when it comes to lovey-dovey reading material. My friends like to poke fun at the subject & call them “bean flickers”. In case you’ve never heard of this slang term, ‘bean flicker’ refers to the act of a woman giving herself self-stimulation of a sexual nature, to her lady bits…particularly the little bean-down-there. If one should feel so adventurous, this stimulation could also involve another person’s assistance.

I’m blushing as I write this post. Yes, I am partially embarrassed to talk about this out loud. It’s not something I should be ashamed of, & I’m not ashamed of it per sè…I’m just a little shy to open up about this subject.

I don’t think I’ve read a lot of these books, but I have read my fair share of them. Let’s see…

  • I’ve read the extremely famous trilogy about the billionaire control freak & his innocent book-loving love interest. (This is my favorite series by far.)
  • Also, the 4-part book series about the rude bad-boy Brit who falls in love with the college student who gives him a dozen second chances after many extreme ups & downs.
  • Then there was the the book series about the billionaire mogul with a dark past who instantly falls in love with a head-strong & feisty woman with an equally dark past.
  • Or how about another one of my favorite book series about the college professor/specialist who falls in love with his one-time student among the apple orchards.
  • I’ve also read the short series about the underground fighting college student who falls in love at first sight with his anti-poker playing classmate.
  • Yes, I’ve even read a few supernatural books, additions to the college professor’s series, about vampires ruling Italian cities by night & re-discovering the human emotion/ability to love another, even if she is a mere human with a physical disability.
  • There have also been a few historical storylines sprinkled in here & there. You know those stories about roguish dukes, devilish rakes, Highland warriors, protecting a woman’s virtue, seeking her older brother’s approval, doing the honorable thing, etc.

I don’t have any particular category within this book genre that I like or look for. I just like whatever catches my attention. The story doesn’t have to have gratuitous sexual scenarios, but I’m not totally against it either. If done well, then I’m all for it…& I do like explicit content so long as it fits appropriately within the storyline. I’m not shy about reading those parts, even if the nature of the scenarios are aggressive, brutal, or explorative. Hey, I even thought the sex scenes in the billionaire control freak’s books were quite tame. I hope that doesn’t give away too much of what goes running through my wild imagination. Hahaha.

Well, there. I’ve said it. Please don’t laugh at me. I’m new at this, & that’s all I’m going to say about it. Cheers.

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