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Let me start this blog post by giving you a little background information about myself (& possibly my family). My mother & grandmother are superstitious. From a nearly age, they would often remind me about broken mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors, no whistling, bell-chiming or screaming at night, etc. I grew up believing in some superstitions, while balking at others. As an impressionable (& wannabe rebellious) teenager, my friends & I liked to play with Ouija boards & play childish party games like, calling ghostly images in darkened bathroom mirrors.

Even in those times, I wasn’t quite sure if I truly believed in ghosts or strange entities… One part of me thought it would be cool if I could communicate with spirits & ghosts, possibly help them cross over to the “other side”. Another, much bigger, part of me was extremely hesitant regarding the subject. I was afraid a negative spirit would follow me & never leave me alone, or it would possess me & my head would be spinning around as I crawl all over the walls.

I tried to put this subject out of my mind for many years. This subject scares me a little.

I know a few people who have had unexplainable things happen in their lives, but I have tried to not believe their stories. One of these such persons is an extremely close friend of our family. Another was a girl I met in college who was a friend of my  first roommate. Both persons claimed to have experienced very unusual, severe & unexplainable incidents revolving around spirits, ghosts & the like. Our family friend alleged that since her mother’s house was built on a former Civil War battlefield in Virginia, there may have been remnants of the war left behind. As for my college friend, she claimed that there was a small female child ghost haunting her bedroom at her family’s home. She explained to me that since she shared the room with her sister, the ghost gravitated more towards her sister rather than herself.

The most interesting incident was when my sister’s best friend claimed that her son experienced a ghostly sighting at our own family home. This friend & her children were spending the weekend at our house, & she did not mention anything until the night before they left. She seemed very reluctant to mention this incident to us, probably because she didn’t want to freak us out, or have us think she was cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs. To make a long story short, this friend explained to us that her son saw a male apparition in my mom’s bedroom. Since that encounter, he now refuses to enter my mom’s room, & he gets a little scared every time he has to walk past her room. This friend of my sister’s has claimed that her son has experienced ghostly sightings a couple of other times & has freaked out in those incidents as well. She believes her son has a special ability to see beyond what the average eye sees.

I don’t know if this spiritual sighting actually occurred in my home or not. One part of me wants to shout out that this boy is exaggerating his story. Another part of me wants to believe every part of it. Ever since my dad’s sudden & untimely passing, there has been a heavy blanketed feeling weighing down our house. Sometimes, I feel like I can feel my dad’s presence still lingering around the house. Most other times, it’s just business as usual. Now, I have never actually experienced anything otherworldly or supernatural myself, but I’m sure I’ve felt or experienced something, even just the tiniest inkling of a feeling. I really hope & wish it was my dad’s ghost, spirit, apparition, or whatever that my sister’s friend’s son saw that time. I would interpret it as my dad’s spirit lingering around to keep my mom company, protect her, & to watch over her. I can’t say for sure that this has made me a believer in the supernatural & all that, but it gives me a tiny sliver of hope. Until then, cheers.

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June 2023

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