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I love this word! I just wrapped up reading a particular book series written by a wonderful author, & this word was all over this book series.  In this series, this word had various meanings, but it mostly conveyed the unspoken feelings of love. The last book in this series truly made my heart melt. I just finished reading it today, & I’m about to go back & read the book all over again (yep, that’s how much I enjoyed the last book).

I picked this word to be my favorite word this time around because this particular book series really tugged at my heartstrings, & I’ve been thinking about the storyline lately, letting my imagination & my daydreams to run amok inside my head. This word, crossfire, really sums up how I feel about the series, just like how the main male character feels about the main female character in this series. Crossfire conveys what I dare not say aloud, yet feel from the inside out.

I don’t usually like to chat about the books I read. Most of these books are of a very specific genre that I don’t like to openly talk about, which is my way of saying that I’m too shy to admit that I enjoy reading this specific genre of books (most of which Jian would call “bean flickers”). However, with this particular word that I’ve chosen, I guess I basically just outed myself to the whole world & announced quite obviously that I read books of a certain flowery genre, & while I’m on a roll of announcing things, I will thoroughly admit that I am a fan of this author & her storyline in this particular book series. Therefore, I choose this word. Cheers…no, wait. CROSSFIRE.

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I was thinking about this word the other day & had mixed feelings. What triggered me to focus my thoughts on this particular word? I was watching the Hugh Grant Drew Barrymore movie “Music & Lyrics“. One of the main characters in the movie is a young, hip & famous Pop singer, who in one particular scene, was describing her background beats as being sexy & sticky. I don’t know exactly why that scene got me all worked up over the word sticky. I guess deep various thoughts just flow when one is taking a soothing bath & watching a Netflix movie on their iPad.

On one (clean) hand, this word…STICKY…it gives me the creeps; it grosses me out. I don’t think I’m a full-fledged germaphobe. However, I DO have a particular habit of liking &/or wanting things to be clean. When I think of sticky things, I tend to think of nasal snot (not the polite mucus kind, but the gross, rip through the tissue kind), boogers, gooey muck on one’s hands (i.e. toothpaste, glue/adhesives, hair gel, etc.) & so on.

I also tend to think of sticky, clingy clothes in humid weather. Since I’m going to Asia in two months, that’s about all I can focus on whenever I think about packing for my two week trip. Oh, the humidity! I think about how frizzy & birds nest-y my hair will become, & how my face will be so sticky & greasy, & how my clothes (no matter how flow-y or baggy) will just cling to all of the unflattering contours of my not-so-trim body (among the sea of lithe model-like Hong Kong youthful women). Oh, the humanity humidity!

(As I’m typing this paragraph, I have noticed myself constantly breaking in between words to rub my hands together as though I am trying to brush off some imaginary substance that has sullied up my palms.)

On the other (equally clean) hand, this word prompts me to think of cute & sweet things, like my 6-year old niece & her love of all things sugary & chocolatey. My niece constantly has sticky hands, but it’s usually from eating so much sugary candy & her favorite treat of all, chocolate. Whenever I’m around my niece (& also my 7-year old nephew), I am always wiping her hands with an anti-bacterial wet wipe (that I always keep in my purse) or a napkin.  Thinking about the word sticky in this sense has me imagining, or perhaps daydreaming, about delicious desserts with chocolate or caramel sauces, whipped cream, & other delectable confections. I am getting hungry just thinking about desserts, & I love to eat dessert!

Finally, I also associate the word sticky with a topic a little more adult related. Yes, I’m talking about that three letter you-know-what word. One can describe that act as being sticky, or involving sticky aspects/things. If one is engaging in such a sticky act, it must surely be quite sultry & detailed indeed. I’m not going to go into too much detail because that would just be a little to saucy & tart for this blog post that includes a little blurb about my innocent & adorable niece. I will just finish here, & you can let your own imagination run amok. Cheers.

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I have recently been thinking a lot about this word, mostly because I just bought a new set of pillows for my bed, & I am so utterly in love with these new pillows. It’s crazy how much I am in love with my bed pillows. They are so perfect for me, & so… F-L-U-F-F-y! I love how this one word nicely describes just how my pillows feel, fluff-y. Also, I like this word because it reminds me of all things soft, cute, cuddly & pastel colored. When I think of this word, I often conjure up images of puffy white rabbit tails & the rosy cheeks of newborn babies. This word also gets me thinking about whipped cream toppings, cotton candy, & overflowing bubble baths. I even enjoy saying the word. The word, as you pronounce it out loud, even sounds like its own definition: light & downy. Writing this blog post about this word has got me itching to climb into bed & snuggle with my new pillows, & I think I’m going to do just that. Cheers!

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