I absolutely love these digital paintings by Jorge Colombo!!!  They look like physically painted watercolors on a real canvas.  Yes, digital art is just as “real” as canvas art, but I’m trying to say that this looks as though if you were to touch the paper, the paint would still be wet.  These digital paintings are so beautiful.  They perfectly capture the aura of the big cities like San Francisco & New York!  It makes my heart swoon. I would love to put some of these artworks in my place.

These New York paintings from Portuguese artist Jorge Colombo look like they could be watercolor on canvas, but they are actually digitally produced. No photo references, no tablets, no brushes to wash: just his finger on the tiny iPhone touch screen! Drawn on location using an iPhone app called Brushes. Pretty Amazing!

via: iPhone Finger Painting by Jorge Colombo | Trendland: Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine.

Watch the video of how he does it here:

*Photo credits: Trendland.com

Quote from Jorge Colombo:
“Brushes has limitations—I’ve been sticking to the older version (without layers) and working strictly from background towards foreground, which requires some discipline—but I love pushing a simple tool to its extremes.”