I am so happy & excited to announce that I’m going to be moving in to a new place.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve lived by myself.  This is going to be an exciting transition in our lives that I welcome with open arms.

As our lives progress…our circle of friends has been expanding.  Some friends have gotten married, some have gotten engaged.  Some have moved from an apartment to a home, & some have turned their passions into a legit home business.

I, myself, am very excited (& a little anxious & scared) about this new path that I will be taking…even more since I am the type of person who does not easily accept change (especially ones this large).  I do feel a sense of reassurance knowing that I am starting off this journey with a strong foundation already in place, & I feel at ease knowing that I am extremely capable to walk this path.

I am only hoping that we will be able to take off on this adventure with smooth sailing ahead!  Cheers!