My bedroom, where I’ve lived out most of my youth, sadly now looks like a ghost town. I am anxious to leave it after 20 years.

The room which I started my youth in, & shared with my older sister, has now become the community computer, ironing board, mom’s extra closet…space.  With a sliding glass door (yes, that was my actual bedroom door) & one sliver of a window, that room had little-to-no privacy or natural light.  When I turned 10, I was visiting my cousins down in Los Angeles, & my parents had decided to convert my older brother’s (which then became my older cousin’s) former room into what is now my bedroom.  I was pleasantly surprised when I came home & all of my stuff had been moved into my semi-new room.  My bedroom had a big window for light, & since I was no longer living directly across from my parents’ bedroom; my room was all the way at the back of the house, I felt like I finally had some privacy.

Now, after 20+ years of occupying this space, shaping it, molding it, decorating it into my little comfort zone… I am more than anxious to give up this space & take all of my crap treasures with me.  At the beginning of February, I will officially relinquish any & all possessive rights to this room.  My personal stamp will be washed away.  No doubt, my parents will convert my room into another guest room (as they’ve already done so with my sister’s former bedroom).  I shall walk away with the most fondest & cherished memories of my life.

It’s hard to let go of the past in order to forge a new future ahead, but one must endure & do what he/she must.