I am the type of person who likes to write letters by hand (not by e-mail), & I love to make birthday cards & decorate them for friends.  I’m kind of an amateur Arts & Crafts maker.  (I have one friend who makes her own pop-up greeting cards, but I’m not quite at that level yet.)  I guess you can say that it’s all the glitter & shiny objects that draw me into this hobby.  I love going to an art supplies store, a hobby shop, or a stationer & picking out materials & such for a new project.  Sometimes my husband thinks I’m a little nutty for being so in love (& extremely picky) with those things, but that’s just me.  Most of my Arts & Crafts obsession comes in the form of decorating cards & letters with stickers & colorful pens, or adding a few beads here & there to random things.

I very rarely ever show my hobby supplies to anyone. This is an extremely rare glimpse into my hobby supplies.  Most of this has been an ongoing collection over a span of many years (about 10+ years).  I’ve been a huge fan of stickers & decals ever since I was a little kid.  This sticker stockpile is approximately ⅓ of my entire collection.  (I’ve given quite a few away to friends & family.)  I’ve also recently become a fan of gel ink pens (my favorite is the Zebra Sarasa Gel Clip pens in 0.44mm size).  Most, if not all, of my letter sets & greeting cards I’ve purchased in Japan.  There are two home goods department stores in Japan that I absolutely love & must visit every time I go back to Japan…& I almost exclusively get all of my hobby supplies from: Tokyu Hands & LoFT.  Hopefully after this, I’ll be able to showcase a few of my latest creations.  Enjoy!