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I definitely want to share this article about the Tom Collins cocktail written by Douglas M Ford (Cold Glass).  This is definitely an in-depth look into my all-time favorite cocktail.  Seriously, this is by far, my most favorite shaken/stirred beverage…my idea of “liquid gold”.  The recipe calls for London Dry gin, to shake your ingredients & garnish with an orange slice.  However, in my version of this delectable refreshment, I prefer No. 209 gin, to stir my ingredients & to add a wedge of lemon. (What can I say? I prefer a little tang in my drink.)  Check it out & enjoy…

Cold Glass

It’s a sweltering hot afternoon. Dewpoint high enough to fog my glasses. And my work is done. Time for a Tom Collins.

I like this old classic.

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Alright, alright.  I’ve bought into the hype; I’ve fallen for the ads on TV.  I am officially in love with Gevalia brand coffee.  I am a huge coffee addict: the stronger, the better.  So, my interest was already piqued when I first caught a glimpse of the (cute) TV ads for the coffee brand.

I started off being one of those crazy Starbucks fanatics who thinks Starbucks is the be-all-end-all of coffee beans, but the Gevalia brand really changed my stubborn ol’ mind.  So far I’ve already tried the French Roast & Espresso Blend coffee beans (I like to grind the beans myself), &  I already love this brand.  They taste just as strong & flavorful as the Starbucks brand.

Ok, it may seem like I’m brown-nosing the Gevalia brand…but I’m just really excited about my recent discovery.  I first fell in love with the commercials.  This is my favorite commercial:

I’ve been wanting a blinged-out, bedazzled, crystalized cell phone case for a long time.  However, I was having a really tough time finding a case that I really liked.  The more I searched, the more frustrated I was getting.  All of the cases I saw online or in-store were not to my liking (either not a color I liked, or not a design I liked).  I found a few online shops that offered customizing services, but those options were extremely expensive.  Not only were the crystalized cases I found very expensive, I was also unsure of the quality of the cases.

Soooo, I gave up on trying to find a ready-made crystalized cell phone case that I thought was “the one” & decided to make my own custom cell phone case.  By doing this, I was able to choose the materials I wanted, & I was able to customize my case however I liked.  Also, I found this method to be quite cost saving, & it gave me a sense of self-accompishment.  Well, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Let’s take a look at my finished DIY project.

my finished project: custom iPhone case

Aleen’s Platinum Bond Glass & Bead crafting glue used in my project

my private collection of Swarovski crystals & plastic rhinestone beads

Materials Used:

  1. pink plastic shell cover for iPhone 4/4s (color: sweet pink w/ glitter effect)
  2. mixed rhinestone beads
  3. Swarovski crystal beads
  4. crafting bond glue

I bought this inexpensive case from an online Japanese retailer that ships overseas to most countries.  I also got all the rhinestone beads from Etsy.  The Swarovski crystals came from my own private crafts supplies collection.  After arranging & gluing all of the beads, I allowed the crafting glue to set & dry for at least 1 full day before using the case.  Et voilà!  There you go.  That’s the end of it. ❤


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