It’s been a few months since I’ve moved into our new apartment, & I haven’t even thought of putting up any artwork on the walls until recently.  I have always been a little apprehensive about putting up posters, paintings, or any type of wall art in our place.  Just thinking about the patching up of all the holes, if I ever decide to move out, turns me off big time.  Well, I guess I decided to give in & get some artwork to spruce up our bland apartment walls.

So far, I’ve only got 2 pieces of art on our walls, but I’ve become quite fond of them, & I think they really jazz up the decor in our place.

I found this piece of art while walking in the park one weekend.  It’s a very cool spray paint art of the famous San Francisco “49 Mile Scenic Drive” road sign hand-made by local artist J. Mahoney.

I found this print on by accident, & I instantly fell in love with it.  This poster print perfectly showcases my love of minimalistic & abstract design as well as my love of Japan & its culture.

These are just two pieces of art in our apartment for now.  I am planning on putting up more artwork…but these will do for now.  So far, I’ve found a solution to my “hole-in-the-wall” dilemma.  I’ve found these great 3M Command velcro strips for hanging up picture frames & mirrors.  The pack of strips that I got are able to hold up to 30 pounds in weight.  These strips, I’ve gotta say, are so amazing.  They are the perfect solution to hanging up art, mirrors & things in an apartment without damaging the walls.  I pretty much use these Command strips all over my apartment.  I’m glad I found these little gems.