Today, I took a day off.  A day off from my usual home chores & daily routine.  I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to do a little shopping.  My all-time favorite clothing brand from Japan just recently opened up a pop-up shop in my city in anticipation of their very first West Coast flagship store (which will officially make its debut this October).  I just couldn’t wait to take a quick peek at the pop-up shop before the flagship opening & snag a few much-needed items for the sooner-than-you-think fall.

I felt quite guilty though, since October isn’t really that far away (considering how fast time flies these days).  I know I could’ve just waited until then… Or even more so, I could’ve waited until November when I embark on my trip to Tokyo.  But alas, I was a bit impatient & decided to just pick up only the exact things I need right now (& resist the urge to max out my husband’s credit card. Tee-Hee…)

Some of the items I purchased were much needed goods such as: a thin coat, a zip-up down vest, a few undershirts, & a pair of denim jeans (which can be tailored in-store, same-day).  So, while waiting for my jeans to be tailored, I continued to stroll the downtown shopping area…& I ended up back at my favorite stationery shop.

I couldn’t resist! There were just too many greeting cards staring back at me, shouting, “Please buy me!”  I was very tempted to grab everything, but I only ended up buying some cards for a few upcoming weddings I will be attending.  Oh who am I kidding?! I splurged a tiny bit & also bought a “You’re A Fox” card & a sheet of cute sticker seals.  (I just can’t resist sparkly things!)

Time to go, my phone battery is about to go kaput.  Woof.