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I bought this Midori brand Things To Do notepad a while ago, but have not gone around to write about it.

A quick translation of the cover:
Top Text – To Do List (やることリスト) , 80 Single Sheets (枚入)
Bottom Text – Keep on writing so I do not forget (わすれないように 事いておきましよう)

This is a notepad that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, but I was hesitant to buy it. Here in the States, this notepad cost upwards of $10USD at my city’s Japanese stationery shop. (I understand the markup price, but still…) I saw this same notepad on my last trip to Tokyo, so on a whim I decided to get it. It only cost me $3USD (not including airline + hotel costs…LOL!)

I’m not quite sure what types of birds are being used (parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos?), but they sure are cute! Also, I can’t resist anything stationery-related if it’s in a pastel color. I’m a total softie for light pink, blue & yellow shades. This makes me the perfect sucker easy target for cute advertising. That’s why I bring an extra carry case when I visit Japan, because I have a tendency to bring back tons of cute stationery, which my family thinks is useless junk.

I am always writing lists. I take a few minutes the night before to write down all the things I have to get done for the next day. I like physically writing my To Do lists instead of using my mobile phone. It forces me to practice my handwriting, & it’s more fun when I get to cross off things on the paper. This bird themed notepad by Midori Japan is so cute, how could you not use it! It’s also very functional with wide spaces between lines so you can write more per sheet & check boxes so you can mark off all of your completed items. With the pretty pink & blue sheets, you will surely notice your list when you affix it to your refrigerator or desktop. It’s easier to get things done when you have something fun to look at!

There are times when I wish the notepad was larger in size so I could write more things on one sheet, but this compact size makes it easy to carry in a purse or book bag. Even if you can’t travel to Japan to get cute stationery goods like this To Do notepad, I would definitely recommend shopping around online, or at a stationery-type store near you. This notepad is definitely worth the extra splurge… Cheers!

Today’s song of the day:
“Dammit” by Blink 182

Today, I took a day off.  A day off from my usual home chores & daily routine.  I just couldn’t wait for the weekend to do a little shopping.  My all-time favorite clothing brand from Japan just recently opened up a pop-up shop in my city in anticipation of their very first West Coast flagship store (which will officially make its debut this October).  I just couldn’t wait to take a quick peek at the pop-up shop before the flagship opening & snag a few much-needed items for the sooner-than-you-think fall.

I felt quite guilty though, since October isn’t really that far away (considering how fast time flies these days).  I know I could’ve just waited until then… Or even more so, I could’ve waited until November when I embark on my trip to Tokyo.  But alas, I was a bit impatient & decided to just pick up only the exact things I need right now (& resist the urge to max out my husband’s credit card. Tee-Hee…)

Some of the items I purchased were much needed goods such as: a thin coat, a zip-up down vest, a few undershirts, & a pair of denim jeans (which can be tailored in-store, same-day).  So, while waiting for my jeans to be tailored, I continued to stroll the downtown shopping area…& I ended up back at my favorite stationery shop.

I couldn’t resist! There were just too many greeting cards staring back at me, shouting, “Please buy me!”  I was very tempted to grab everything, but I only ended up buying some cards for a few upcoming weddings I will be attending.  Oh who am I kidding?! I splurged a tiny bit & also bought a “You’re A Fox” card & a sheet of cute sticker seals.  (I just can’t resist sparkly things!)

Time to go, my phone battery is about to go kaput.  Woof.



I LOVE stationery & office supplies (& stickers!), especially ones from Japan (because those are the cutest with very practical designs & functions).  I really enjoy shopping for cool pens, cute letter sets & notepads, & fun items like slim staplers & colorful masking tape for gift wrapping & crafts.  My fiancee is somewhat amused with my borderline obsession of these things & sometimes gets playfully annoyed about it, especially when I can spend up to an hour or so browsing the stationery shop at the shopping mall.  (It’s like when you take your boyfriend to go shoe shopping & there’s no place for him to sit down & play games on his cell phone…)  This is even more true when I go shopping in Japan…because 98% of my favorite stationery -slash- home goods stores are all located within Japan (Tokyo).

These are the top 4 stores where I mainly buy all of my stationery & office goods:

  • Maido Stationery SF
    This is my favorite stationery goods store outside of Japan.  There are 3 locations within the San Francisco area which I often visit on the weekends.  This store offers a wide variety of stationery goods such as: pens/pencils/fountain pen sets, art supplies, notebooks/notepads, binders/folders/portfolios/photo albums, various glues, tapes & adhesives, stickers & decals galore, pen cases, photo ID cases & lanyards, scissors & staplers, etc.  This is my go-to store when I need a specific item that I can’t find at any random Office Depot or Staples chain store, or when I want that fun & functional exclusive item from Japan (& I can’t just fly all the way to Japan for it).
  • Tokyu Hands
    This is by far my MOST FAVORITE store of all! (I cannot write enough great things about this place.)  For those of you who have never heard of this home goods mega chain store from Japan, to describe this store I would say it’s like a cross between Home Depot & Target.  Each floor of this mega department store hosts a different home goods category such as: lumber & construction tools, home furniture, electronics, arts & crafts, kitchen & cleaning supplies, beauty & makeup (& the list goes on…)  One of the main reasons why I love this store is because, not only does it carry almost every home goods item I could ever want, but the goods also have IKEA-style affordable prices & are durable/good-quality at the same time.
  • LoFT
    This store is similar to Tokyu Hands, but with less of the Home Depot-style home improvement items.  So, they still carry home goods (ie. kitchen & bath goods, furniture, bed linens, etc.), but no power tools or home DIY stuff.  To me, this store is like every Stationery-phile or Arts & Crafts lover’s dream store…lots of DIY craft kits & supplies, greeting cards/cardstock/letter sets/stickers by the ga-zillions, as well as the standard office supplies (ie. staplers, pens, paper clips, tape, scissors, desk sets, calendars, datebook planners, etc.)  They also have a photo-printing department that can custom print greeting cards for the Holidays or any special occasion.  I can practically spend hours in this store…which my fiancee cannot stand.
    This is an online webstore where I buy most of my pens & pencils.  There’s not much to say other than this webstore has a HUGE variety of pens, pencils & writing accessories that will really amaze you.  This website should be on the “favorites list” of every pen fanatic!  Not only do they carry a large selection of pens directly from Japan, but their prices are extremely reasonable, & if you make a purchase of $30 USD or more, your shipping cost is FREE.  How awesome is that?!  Here is a better example of how to describe this webstore:

    Kanji (Chinese characters) are much more complex than the English alphabet. A single character can have up to 30+ strokes! As a result of this intricacy, many writing instruments in Asia are much more precise than those available in the United States. At JetPens you’ll be amazed to find fine point writing instruments that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. In addition, we have mind-boggling colors that will beat the selection at any local office store. JetPens is a home for pen fanatics.

Now down to the real reason why I posted this blog…

My Top 5 Stationery Goods


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