I bought this Midori brand Things To Do notepad a while ago, but have not gone around to write about it.

A quick translation of the cover:
Top Text – To Do List (やることリスト) , 80 Single Sheets (枚入)
Bottom Text – Keep on writing so I do not forget (わすれないように 事いておきましよう)

This is a notepad that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, but I was hesitant to buy it. Here in the States, this notepad cost upwards of $10USD at my city’s Japanese stationery shop. (I understand the markup price, but still…) I saw this same notepad on my last trip to Tokyo, so on a whim I decided to get it. It only cost me $3USD (not including airline + hotel costs…LOL!)

I’m not quite sure what types of birds are being used (parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos?), but they sure are cute! Also, I can’t resist anything stationery-related if it’s in a pastel color. I’m a total softie for light pink, blue & yellow shades. This makes me the perfect sucker easy target for cute advertising. That’s why I bring an extra carry case when I visit Japan, because I have a tendency to bring back tons of cute stationery, which my family thinks is useless junk.

I am always writing lists. I take a few minutes the night before to write down all the things I have to get done for the next day. I like physically writing my To Do lists instead of using my mobile phone. It forces me to practice my handwriting, & it’s more fun when I get to cross off things on the paper. This bird themed notepad by Midori Japan is so cute, how could you not use it! It’s also very functional with wide spaces between lines so you can write more per sheet & check boxes so you can mark off all of your completed items. With the pretty pink & blue sheets, you will surely notice your list when you affix it to your refrigerator or desktop. It’s easier to get things done when you have something fun to look at!

There are times when I wish the notepad was larger in size so I could write more things on one sheet, but this compact size makes it easy to carry in a purse or book bag. Even if you can’t travel to Japan to get cute stationery goods like this To Do notepad, I would definitely recommend shopping around online, or at a stationery-type store near you. This notepad is definitely worth the extra splurge… Cheers!

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