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Yes, I’ve jumped on the fútbol train (bandwagon) & have really been swept up in all this FIFA WORLD CUP hoopla.  I’ve been watching the matches on the Telly, keeping up with the scores & play-by-plays on the WatchESPN App on my iPad, & nearly live-tweeting my reactions on Twitter (@melsenpai).   No, this is not my first “rodeo” in the whole World Cup fútbol circuit.  I’ve had my fair share of experience in being a World Cup fan.  Most of my “bromies” (bro + homie, a.k.a. very close male friend) have been into both watching & playing soccer/fútbol for many years, & they kind of sucked me into being a fan as well.  I have always liked watching all kinds of sports since early childhood as a direct influence from my parents & siblings, so it was very easy for me to fall into the World Cup fandom.

I’m not going to say which team(s) I am ultimately cheering for to make it to the final game.  I am still undecided as to which team(s) is/are my true favorite (I mostly base my favorites on skill & performance, but maybe also a little bit on how hot the players look…joking about that last bit.)  So far, all of the matches have been exciting ones, with a little referee controversy peppered here & there.  I was expecting more controversy, or shall I say media coverage, on the Brazilians who are up-in-arms about the whole “spending a ridiculous amount of money on sports, but not on the underprivileged”.  I am really excited to see all the different sides of Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, as I am truly hoping that I will be able to visit that city at least once in my lifetime.  To visit Rio, that’s definitely on the Top 10 of my bucket list.  Watching these 2014 World Cup games is like getting a visual taste of Brazil & all of the parties & adventures.  The excitement practically jumps off of the Telly screen.

I’ve got a “bromie” who has started a bracket with his office employee pool, & is trying to do the same amongst our friends who are into this World Cup.  I am not a sports betting, or bracket predicting person (I gave up mid-way through my Fantasy Football tournament last year with those same friends).  I am more of a “let’s go match-by-match” type of person.  I don’t like to predict too many games ahead; it takes the fun out of watching, especially when you’re spending most of your time calculating points/scores & strategizing your next move.  I’ve seen my older brother go through the ups & downs of sports betting, & it’s not for me AT ALL .

I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s match-ups will bring. A new batch of teams, more goals…I’ve got my game-face on, the Telly is all warmed up & ready to go.  It’s still way too early to guess who will come out as champion, but I hope that whoever does win, deserves it.  Cheers!


Today’s song of the day:
“Starlight” by Muse


I’ve always made it known to the public two very obvious facts about myself: 1. I am borderline compulsive about organization (ie. uniformity, order, & everything in its place), & 2. I am a clean/neat freak (not a germaphobe, but everything must be tidy, neat, & clean). However, here are five more facts that I rarely reveal about myself. Why? Because I am trying to be more “open” & honest. Cheers.

1. I am a compartmental eater. I eat whatever’s on my plate in a specific order: 1st: sides, 2nd: main dish (meat or seafood), 3rd: starch (rice, noodle, bread, or other). I often do not like when certain foods on my plate touch, especially if it contains sauce.
2. As a child, I once nearly fell off a roller coaster ride at Disneyland, causing the staff to shut down the ride for 30 minutes to help me with my safety belt.
3. I have had corrective surgery. Twice.
4. One of my most prized possessions is a Chinese 旗袍 (qí páo/cheongsam) traditional dress that was custom made for me by my cousin who now works at my grandfather’s tailor shop in Yokohama, Japan.
5. From early childhood until now, I like to eat plain bread, rice, & noodles. No butter, no sauce, no seasonings, no spreads, nothing.

Today’s song of the day:
“Go With U” by Monkey Majik


I’m sitting in a cafe that’s got a little too much air conditioning. It’s just another typical Monday for me, but I’m trying to make the most of the day by running errands. I just stopped to grab a bite to eat & get my caffeine fix for the day.

It’s always good to slow down every once in a while & just take a break or a breather. Even taking five minutes to grab a coffee or walk outside to pick up your mail, just close your eyes, take a deep breath & let your shoulders fall. This will help you relax, if only for one fleeting moment. Doing this at least once a day I’m sure will help your spirits rise & bring you one step closer to that happy place. Enjoy!

Today’s song of the day
“All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers


June 2014

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