I’ve always made it known to the public two very obvious facts about myself: 1. I am borderline compulsive about organization (ie. uniformity, order, & everything in its place), & 2. I am a clean/neat freak (not a germaphobe, but everything must be tidy, neat, & clean). However, here are five more facts that I rarely reveal about myself. Why? Because I am trying to be more “open” & honest. Cheers.

1. I am a compartmental eater. I eat whatever’s on my plate in a specific order: 1st: sides, 2nd: main dish (meat or seafood), 3rd: starch (rice, noodle, bread, or other). I often do not like when certain foods on my plate touch, especially if it contains sauce.
2. As a child, I once nearly fell off a roller coaster ride at Disneyland, causing the staff to shut down the ride for 30 minutes to help me with my safety belt.
3. I have had corrective surgery. Twice.
4. One of my most prized possessions is a Chinese 旗袍 (qí páo/cheongsam) traditional dress that was custom made for me by my cousin who now works at my grandfather’s tailor shop in Yokohama, Japan.
5. From early childhood until now, I like to eat plain bread, rice, & noodles. No butter, no sauce, no seasonings, no spreads, nothing.

Today’s song of the day:
“Go With U” by Monkey Majik