Alas, I didn’t cut this laser-cut figure myself. I bought it at Crate And Barrel, however, I did spruce this figure up a little with glitter, Mod Podge, & bows. I took a great item & made it even greater…LOL!

Let’s jump right into the extremely easy project. Here is a picture of the “before” figure:

The materials I used:
1. White glitter glue for the chest area
2. Black glitter glue for the eyes & accents
3. Gold glitter craft for the main body
4. Mod Podge to seal the glitter
5. Bow stickers for accents

I painted the fox figures with the glitter paint & glue, making tiny black dots for the eyes. I added a black bow sticker to make a male figure & a pink bow sticker to make a female figure. I finished it up by applying Mod Podge to seal in the glitter & keep it from flaking off. Easy, right?

Now, here is my finished project:

Aren’t they so cute? I love foxes… Cheers!

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