I’ve written one of these posts before. It’s similar to US Weekly magazine’s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” list that all the celebrities fill out each issue. My list will be a little different. In honor of the Christmas/Winter season, I will compile my list in a tribute to Julie Andrews’ Sound of Music song “My Favorite Things“. Here it goes…

MY FAVORITE COLOR(s): Blue, White, Pink, & Gray
MY FAVORITE MOVIE(s): Secretary (Any Wes Anderson movie comes in close second.)
MY FAVORITE CAR(s): Audi R8 (I do not enjoy convertibles, so I do not like the R8 Sypder.)
MY FAVORITE ANIMAL(s): Rabbits, Foxes, Birds, & Dogs
MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT WINTER: sitting by a roaring fireplace when it’s raining outside
MY FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE: Almost all genres, except Gregorian Chanting. I will try any type of music except that!
MY FAVORITE SPORT(s): Baseball, tennis, F1 racing, Rally racing, pigskin football, &/or soccer/fútbol. Some playing. Mostly watching.
MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY(ies): Walking, Hiking (not super rugged mountain terrain, please), Picnics, & Camping
MY FAVORITE INDOOR ACTIVITY(ies): *Ahem!*…Ok. Reading, Watching movies, Playing games, Wrapping gifts, & Letting my imagination run wild & rampant
MY FAVORITE ITEM I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My handkerchief (which I named Tom Hanks)!

Today’s song of the day: