It seems as though the days blend together in a blur. It feels like just recently I was marveling in my cousin’s engagement, & now she’s getting married in nearly TWO WEEKS! So many birthdays of friends & families have passed. I can hardly remember how many parties I’ve attended in the last month or so. This upcoming week, my 5-year old niece will be performing in a children’s ballet recital. I was invited, but unable to attend. (I hope my sister captures everything on film!)

I’m so amazed at how quickly time passes these days. Like I said before, it’s all like one big blur. I can barely recognize day from night, especially since the Summer weather provides longer hours of sunlight & prolonged sunsets. Only in the pitch darkness of the night, when I lay my head to rest, I feel as though time has slowed down, allowed me to take a breath & relax.

This Monday starts a new week. I shall make the most of it as much as possible. Until then, cheers!

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