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Oh geez, it’s been oh-so-long since I’ve eaten a proper doughnut. My favorite classic doughnut bakery will always & forever be Happy Donuts (whose shops are rapidly closing all around the Bay Area). However, my new all-time favorite hipster doughnut bakery is Crosstown Doughnuts (from all the way over in London, England). Ever since I’ve had my first taste of these super delicious vegan doughnuts while I was visiting London, I was hooked.

I mean, I managed to strong-arm (without difficulty) Jian into eating these doughnuts for breakfast more than a couple of times during our trip. I even managed to sneak 2 chocolate doughnuts onto our flight back home, in Jian’s backpack, without crushing them. It’s pure torture every time I look at the bakery’s Instagram feed. Crosstown Doughnuts doesn’t ship to anywhere outside of England, & every single time I see one of their new photos pop up in my Insta-feed, I feel a longing in my heart for those delicious sweet treats. It’s like the food equivalent of a cock tease.

Buttt…doughnuts aren’t the only reason why I chose “glaze” as my current favorite vocabulary word. In the past year or so, I’ve been getting into ASMR audio clips, & even following a few ASMR artists on YouTube Patreon. I have really been enjoying listening to these audio clips, & they really help put me in a more positive mood.

One of my favorite ASMR audio artists likes to use the word “glaze”, well he used the past tense word “glazed“, in a few of his audio clips, & that word just got stuck in my brain. The context in which this ASMR artist used the word is not something I’d like to openly discuss. This person’s subject matter for their audio clips are quite risqué (a.k.a. NC-17 rated). This artist that I follow used this word to describe a situation perfectly, & it was able to vividly paint a picture of the scenario unfolding from the audio clip. I promptly had to comment to the artist that their use of the word “glaze” had me thinking about doughnuts while listening to their non-food related, very 🔥 🔥 audio clip. The artist quickly replied back saying that although that wasn’t their initial intent, that person found my comment hilarious, & was now unable to think about doughnuts without having a little chuckle.

I kind of want to describe the audio clip I was listening to at the time the word “glaze” was embedded into my mind, but I don’t want to have to put an adult rating on this blog. I’ll just let you make your own inferences as to what that risqué audio clip was all about. 😉 Until then, cheers baby.


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