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I’ve decided to try my hand at a little bit of this new trend called “upcycling”….which is like the new black or something like that.  Actually, it’s the new & improved version of recycling-slash-refurbishing used and/or previously loved goods.  This is my little DIY project of turning an old candle jar into a nifty little storage container.

Jonathan Adler candle jar turned into a storage cup

This was my used Jonathan Adler candle jar.  After the candle wick burned down to the end, I didn’t quite know what to do with the leftover jar, & I felt like it would be such a waste to throw out such a pretty & perfectly good jar.  So, I decided to turn it into a storage cup.

  1. First, to clean out the last bits of candle wax: I poured approx. 1 inch of water into a cooking pan & placed my candle jar on the pan.  I turned the stove onto a low heat so the candle wax could melt evenly.
  2. Next, I heated the pan just enough to let the candle wax melt.  Note: DO NOT put the jar in the microwave to melt the wax.  Some candles have a metal clip to secure the candle wick, so it’s better to melt the wax over the stove instead.
  3. Once the wax was melted, I tossed out the metal clip for the wick & poured the remaining candle wax into another candle jar. (After using up this candle, I bought a replacement candle because it was my favorite.)  For all of the last bits of wax I just used a paper towel to wipe the inside clean.  I also thoroughly washed the jar with soap & hot water before using it.
  4. Finally, the cup is ready to be used for whatever is to be desired.  I used my candle jar to hold all of my necessary tubes in my medicine cabinet.  It really frees up a lot of space in the medicine cabinet.  Plus, it adds a bit of eye candy to a rather sterile medicine cabinet.

Also, just in case you’d like to know…this was the Jonathan Adler Acapulco candle.  I also have the JA Capri candle, & they both smell utterly divine!!

It seems the weather is becoming cooler, & Mother Nature is getting ready for the Autumn/Winter seasons.  So here I bring you a list of things that bring me joy in the Autumn/Winter time:

  • the feeling after taking a hot shower
  • hot chocolate with whipped cream (& marshmallows if you like them)
  • a big bowl of hearty beef stew
  • wearing thick socks
  • sitting next to a crackling fireplace
  • wearing slipper booties (WOoT for Isotoners!)
  • flannel pajamas (especially the ones w/ the feet)
  • a hot bubble bath with rich bubbles
  • a steaming bowl of Chinese soup noodles (or rice porridge)
  • a fresh, hot cup of coffee in a ceramic mug
  • watching the rain thru the window while you are warm & dry indoors
  • sitting under a warm kotatsu, eating snacks & drinking beer while watching sports on TV
  • having post-MLB / World Series / NFL tailgate parties at home
  • listening to the sound of the rain before falling asleep
  • a warm towel straight from the dryer
  • the toasty feeling of clean clothes straight from the dryer
  • movie marathons while sitting under a blanket & eating freshly popped popcorn



June 2023

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