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Today I bring you a peek at my current desktop backgrounds. These are my current flavors of the moment.  I like to change things up when the mood strikes…Happy Friday (& weekend)!


my iPad home screen background

*I like this pattern.  It’s very geometrical & colorful without being too overwhelming.  One thing I don’t like is when you’ve got a busy background wallpaper, where you can’t see icons or read text properly.


my iPad lock screen background

*I love this very minimalistic artwork of the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan.  I especially love the perspective of the tower as seen from high above the clouds.  I also liked the way the color scheme complimented my “home” screen.

my laptop screen background

my laptop screen background

*Lemonade is one of my all-time favorite beverages.  The more tart, the better!  I like this subtle picture of a tall glass of lemonade.  It definitely reminds me of a hot, sunny summer.

my iPhone home screen

my iPhone home screen background

*I haven’t changed my cell phone “home screen” background picture for so long.  It’s been this cream hued Rilakkuma wallpaper for several months. My “lock screen” background is a picture of my 5 year-old nephew & 3 year-old niece.

My wallpaper backgrounds are courtesy of:
1. 每日壁纸杂志 HD App (Daily Wallpaper Magazine HD) for iPad.  This App is written in a mix of Chinese & English.
3. iWallpapers HD App for iPhone

I love to constantly change the desktop background wallpaper on my laptop & my cell phone.  I guess you can say that I’m kind of a fickle person, & cannot settle on one favorite background image & stick with it.  So, I’ve decided to share, yet again, my latest background images for my two best friends: Esteban (my laptop) & my cell phone (which I have not yet named).

(Esteban) laptop background image

cell phone Home screen

cell phone Lock screen

*This is a picture of my nephew & niece.  I’ve blurred out their faces as they are too young, & I would like to get permission from my sister first before posting their full photos here.

As a bonus, here is the background image for my tablet device:

tablet Home screen

tablet Lock screen

I haven’t posted on this blog for a few weeks.  I’ve been busy with some major wedding details, moving in to my new place, & I’m also (currently…like right now) vacationing at my sister’s place down in Los Angeles to spend time with my niece & nephew.

Oops.  Did I forget to mention that the whole reason I am down in Los A. is because my cousins threw me a Bridal Shower party?!  My bad.  I’m not a party-person (at all), but I really appreciated all the time & effort my cousins put into this dainty little affair.  It was fun.

Well, anyway…enough with the “appetizers”.  Let’s get to the “meat & potatoes” of this post.  It’s nothing special.  Just a quick peek at my current cell phone case, phone wallpaper(s), & laptop background images…



Lock Screen

Home Screen


So, I got this idea from randomly surfing around on You Tube yesterday.  I had recently subscribed to the Vlog of a YouTuber who posted a video response to the question “What are 5 recent things you are obsessed/in love with?”, and I got the idea to post my answers as well.  But…..I’m totally lazy & I am absolutely not motivated to make a low-budget YouTube video of myself.  Instead, I’m much more inclined to type this out.  So, here it goes:

5 Recent Things I’m Obsessed With:

1. Pinky Street vinyl dolls:
Created by the Japanese company Vance Project, these little 8-inch cuties are hard to resist!  They are so much fun to collect because they aren’t just any typical Barbie-type plastic doll.  With these dolls, the customization is practically endless.  All the dolls have removable snap-on hair (so you can mix & match the front & back hair pieces) & interchangeable clothes.  In the original sets, each package included: 1 dressed up doll + 1 extra outfit (to mix & match) + 1 accessory item (that you can snap onto its hand) + 1 hair accessory item (i.e. extra set of bangs, ribbons, or a hat).  There are also many tutorials & DIY books you can find online about how to customize your own Pinky dolls by painting them & using sculpy clay.  My Pinky dolls collection has reached over 60+ dolls (plus 1 model car, 1 comic book, 1 accessories kit, 1 military weapons kit, 2 postcard sets, 1 diorama making book & 2 DIY books).  For me, it’s not really an expensive hobby since each doll costs around $12USD a piece (including all the little accessories that come with it).

2. Stickers:
I’m absolutely obsessed with stickers & I love to collect them.  My fiancee thinks I’m nuts & also thinks that collecting stickers is a stupid hobby, but I can assure you that I am not like some coin collector or stamp collector.  I actually use my stickers. Yes, I do.  I love to use my stickers to personalize & decorate greeting cards & handwritten letters (yes, I do still write snail mail!).

3. Calendars:
I love calendars, especially decorative ones that you can hang on the wall because those can double as cute wall art.  I often like to save my old calendars & use them as posters or framed pictures.  You just cut off the bottom edge where the dates are & voila!  You can use the upper picture as a poster or wall art!

4. Diary (a.k.a. schedule notebook):
In Japan they are often called a “diary”.  For the rest of us, it’s just a glorified schedule notebook.  I love using these notebooks to keep track of what’s going on in my life.  However, I don’t really use them for the purpose they were intended.  For all of my important appointments, I use my cell phone since I can set an alarm reminder.  I use my diary to write down everything that I’ve done in the day…kind of as a record of all the things I’ve done.  I also like to go back & read all of my old entries & reminisce about all of the fun stuff I’ve done.

5. Background wallpapers:
I love to use custom background wallpapers on all of my electronic devices.  (Please see my previous post about where I like to get my HQ desktop backgrounds).   Every few months I will rotate my background wallpapers & it really adds a pop of eye candy & daily inspiration.

This is a picture of all of my Pinky dolls:


This is a picture of my sticker collection.  This is only 75% of my entire collection.  I have over 150+ sheets of stickers:

These are the current calendars I’m using in my room. The first is a pop-up desk calendar & the 2nd is a wall calendar by the brand fewmany:


This is the current diary I’m using.  I bought a plain diary from the Japanese stationery store LoFT & added some decals & a few crystal beads to make it look personalized:

Here are the current background images I’m using:
1. macbook, 2. iPad, 3. iPhone

Simple Desktops.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.

No really.  Seriously speaking, this is probably my one and only resource of getting high-quality desktop wallpapers.  I really love the desktop wallpapers provided on this site.  The pictures are often clever & funny, mixed in with a few cute graphics every now and again.

Please check it out: Simple Desktops


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