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I love to constantly change the desktop background wallpaper on my laptop & my cell phone.  I guess you can say that I’m kind of a fickle person, & cannot settle on one favorite background image & stick with it.  So, I’ve decided to share, yet again, my latest background images for my two best friends: Esteban (my laptop) & my cell phone (which I have not yet named).

(Esteban) laptop background image

cell phone Home screen

cell phone Lock screen

*This is a picture of my nephew & niece.  I’ve blurred out their faces as they are too young, & I would like to get permission from my sister first before posting their full photos here.

As a bonus, here is the background image for my tablet device:

tablet Home screen

tablet Lock screen

I haven’t posted on this blog for a few weeks.  I’ve been busy with some major wedding details, moving in to my new place, & I’m also (currently…like right now) vacationing at my sister’s place down in Los Angeles to spend time with my niece & nephew.

Oops.  Did I forget to mention that the whole reason I am down in Los A. is because my cousins threw me a Bridal Shower party?!  My bad.  I’m not a party-person (at all), but I really appreciated all the time & effort my cousins put into this dainty little affair.  It was fun.

Well, anyway…enough with the “appetizers”.  Let’s get to the “meat & potatoes” of this post.  It’s nothing special.  Just a quick peek at my current cell phone case, phone wallpaper(s), & laptop background images…



Lock Screen

Home Screen


Everybody goes through this. Whether you have an iPhoneBlack Berry, or an Android phone. This has happened to ALL OF US. The Cell Phone Syndrome.

When you bring home your shiny new “toy” for the first time, it’s got that new shine look & feel (kind of like that “new car” smell).  Most of us don’t even bother flipping through the 50-page instruction booklet.  We just idle the day away, curiously tapping away on the touch-screen, carefully inspecting every menu icon.  We just can’t wait to add our MP3’s, cool background wallpapers, & that cool unique ringtone (that nobody else has).

If you have a Smart phone / PDA phone, you’ll be wasting spending most of your time filling your phone with all the cool apps your friends have (& more).

Once you’ve figured out how to manipulate your shiny new plaything, you will soon be experiencing the Cell Phone Syndrome (a.k.a. CPS).  As a result, these are the 2 most common symptoms of CPS:

  • When you are waiting in line at a store, waiting at a restaurant, or waiting for an appointment, you will inadvertently pick up your phone & start playing with it.
  • When you are with a group of friends, one person will take out their cell phone to use, & one-by-one everyone will follow suit & take out their own cell phones to use.

It’s a vicious cycle…one which has slowly taken over our society & has erased all forms of social, verbal interaction along with eye contact.  Long gone are the days of face-to-face human conversation, just but once a fleeting memory in the fabric of our lives.  (Also, no, I do not count web-chatting a form of conversation because you are still using an electronic device.)


May 2023

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