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Several weekends ago I went to Las Vegas to attend my first Amazing Comic Con. I was there to support my good friend who was showcasing his self-made comic book at the convention & representing the Hawaiian Comic Book Alliance. This wasn’t my first comic book/animation convention, but it was definitely the smallest that I’ve been to in a long time. It was a very fun & intense weekend filled with friends, food, & severely hot wind.

I was so proud of my friend (who happens to be the brother of one of my closest girlfriends, & the cousin of Jian’s best friend). He’s a high school art teacher by day, but a full-fledged comic book illustrater/writer by night. My friend is highly talented in any artistic field he’s thrown into, & he takes his art seriously. I truly applaud my friend for pursing his passions all on his own, of course with the support of his family & friends. So, naturally, I had to support my friend’s budding art career & bought an autographed copy of his comic book The Keepers. Hopefully one day his autograph will be worth tons of collector’s money. (Tee-hee!)


Why did Amazing Comic Con have to fall on one of the hottest weekends of the summer, in the middle of the desert? Seriously, the temperatures in Las Vegas were over 100 degrees farenheit every day. The weather reports on TV weren’t joking when they reported that it was like being in an oven. On top of that, if you dare to walk outside (which is not recommended, at all), there’s a fairly strong wind blowing, but it’s such a hot wind that it feels as though you’re constantly being blown in the face by a hair dryer on high. The weather that weekend was no joke, & I’ll tell you that I’ve never consumed so much liquid nourishment in my entire life. I don’t normally drink a lot of water, which I know is not very beneficial to my overall health, but on that particular weekend, I drank so much water I could practically fill an inflatable kiddie pool with the amount of water I drank.

Jian & I thought we were so smart buying cheap airline tickets with early morning departures. Well the tickets were practically free, since my mom let us use her credit card mileage points, & all we had to pay were the baggage & service fees. Oh boy, did we make a minor mistake by doing this. Yes, we were lucky to get super cheap airline tickets for one extended weekend, but arriving in Las Vegas so early in the morning with nothing to do & leaving at the crack of dawn the day after partying the night away was not very good planning on our part. We both thought we could handle early morning flight times, but it really took a toll on our bodies. I don’t think I’ll be doing another rushed trip to Las Vegas again anytime soon.

Going to Las Vegas to support our friend at a convention was the highlight of our entire trip. We had originally planned on getting tickets to a show while there, but we weren’t interested in any of the shows or musical acts performing that weekend. (By the way, it was super annoying seeing Gwen Stefani‘s billboard everywhere we went. After her band No Doubt‘s album Tragic Kingdom, I completely lost interest in her as an artist. She’s not as good solo as she was with her band.) Then, I thought we’d spend all of our time gorging ourselves silly on extravagant/flashy “Vegas” food, but surprisingly, we were somewhat sensible with our eating habits, & only splurged on one day.

Las Vegas is not quite my favorite place to vacation. I try to avoid that town as much as possible, which is often difficult because my mom’s side of my family LOVE going to Las Vegas whenever they get a chance. I’m not a gambler; I’m not a club goer. I’m not even a 20 ounce specialty steak flown in from some exotic-place-you’ve-never-heard-of eater either. However, I had fun on this trip. I enjoyed the company of my close circle of friends. We ate good (reasonable) food. We stayed at a smoke-free, gambling-free hotel in the heart of the Strip. Jian & I even squeezed in a few hours each day for some Fifa World Cup viewing. (Sorry, I’d much rather watch sports than bet on a game.) Other than the extremely exhausting day of flying back home, it was a fun way to spend a quick weekend out of town. Cheers!

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It seems as though the days blend together in a blur. It feels like just recently I was marveling in my cousin’s engagement, & now she’s getting married in nearly TWO WEEKS! So many birthdays of friends & families have passed. I can hardly remember how many parties I’ve attended in the last month or so. This upcoming week, my 5-year old niece will be performing in a children’s ballet recital. I was invited, but unable to attend. (I hope my sister captures everything on film!)

I’m so amazed at how quickly time passes these days. Like I said before, it’s all like one big blur. I can barely recognize day from night, especially since the Summer weather provides longer hours of sunlight & prolonged sunsets. Only in the pitch darkness of the night, when I lay my head to rest, I feel as though time has slowed down, allowed me to take a breath & relax.

This Monday starts a new week. I shall make the most of it as much as possible. Until then, cheers!

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I am sitting here in my local big box coffee shop, thinking about the things I’ve got to do this week. Then it hits me, like a baseball straight to the face, I haven’t written anything in this blog for a hot second. I know it’s not mandatory for me to write anything, but I’ve been trying to impose a goal for myself to write at least once per week, & I am surely losing that battle. Most of the things I write about is nothing of worldly importance or of life-altering significance anyway, so I don’t think missing one or two blog posts will make any difference.

These past few weeks have gone by in such a blur, it really makes me scratch my head & wonder where has all the time gone. Each week passes by as though it’s only been a few days. I’ve got so much going on lately with friends & family pulling me in all different directions. I am amazed at myself, at how I’m able to keep it together & stay organized. It’s fun to be busy (& not idle or lazy), but it’s a little draining on my energy, which has made me become more susceptible to getting frequent allergy attacks again.

These past few weeks, I have been to numerous birthday parties & friendly gatherings. I’ve also been furiously planning my trip to 2015 San Diego Comic Con, as well as preparing for my cousin’s upcoming Summer destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I feel like I’ve barely had any breathing room to think let alone update my piddly blog. This coming weekend I’m attending both my cousin’s bridal shower party and my niece’s 5-year old birthday party. I’m trying to squeeze both events into one day. That’s going to be real fun! (She says with mock sarcasm.)

On an unrelated note, I took some time out to freshen up my stationery hoard. I bought some more new pens & stickers (with a bonus free postcard) because one simply cannot survive on only one color or style. When buying pens, I almost always stick to the Zeebra Sarasa Clip Gel Ink pens. The colors I got were a light pink, gray, light blue & teal. (I realized, once I got home, that I accidentally bought a duplicate of the light blue color.) As I said before, I also bought stickers. The designs I bought this time were more feminine in style. I’m pretty disappointed that my favorite Japanese stationery shop is carrying less stickers in their inventory, but I understand from a logistical viewpoint as to why they are cutting back. (I still don’t like it though.)


Well that’s all I can think of to write in this blog post. I’m off to do some packing for the weekend. Cheers.

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