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Why didn’t anyone tell me that I’d lose my hair after pooping out a tiny human from my lady vag?! Well, to be fair, no one told me I’d grow luscious, luxurious, thick hair during my pregnancy either. None of the resources I scoured online ever mentioned anything about a woman’s hair journey before, during, or after making a tiny little human beeen.

Oh yeah, when I was nesting during my baby bump phase, I had the most luxurious, thick, long AF hair. It was glorious! I had the long ‘as fuuh’ length of hair I’ve always wanted, with little-to-no shedding/fallout. I went from consistently washing my hair every other day, to washing my hair every three to four days per week. My one & only major issue was having lots of dry & crispy split-ends. I could rub an entire bottle of conditioner into my hair, slather on the most expensive hair mask, drench my hair in styling oils, & it’d still be dry & frizzy.

Then, just before I was set to evict my tiny little beeen from its rent-free downtown studio apartment, I went to my favorite salon to get my hair cut. It wasn’t just because I needed to weed-whack all the dead split-ends, but also everyone around me was trying (unsuccessfully) to scare me with the whole “babies love to pull your hair” spiel. Sure I felt a few pounds lighter upstairs, but damn, I was seriously mourning the loss of the super long length I’ve been working so hard for the past 10 years to grow.

So, it’s no wonder that I wasn’t aware that my hair would shed dramatically after popping out my tiny human. I had no idea that because of my hormonal changes during the baby bump phase my hair would grow more & faster than normal. Then, BAM! Your hormones change again after the tiny human is removed from your body & you end up going in the opposite direction. Your hair begins to shed like mad, & there’s nothing you can do about it except wait it out. Supposedly, after you’ve reached the 6 month mark of motherhood, your hair should get back to its regularly scheduled program & behave normally (like it did pre-preggs).

I was freaking out after my tiny beeen came into this world & saw my hair falling out in mass quantities. I mean, I was (& still am) shedding more hair in a day than a shaggy dog does. Now that I’ve done some internet research & found out that this massive hair loss is extremely typical & to be expected for new moms, I am a little less freaked out about feeling/noticing my hair thinning out now. So, I’m just supposed to wait until my tiny beeen turns 6 months old, then most likely by that time my hair hormones will have calmed down, & my hair can go back to shedding its usual amount per day instead of fist fulls. Until then, let me direct you to a very helpful website that gave me a ton of new insight & reassurance regarding my damn crazy hair loss.

Man, if only I could show you the huge clumps of hair that knot-up my hair brush in the morning. Or if I could show you how many strands shake free & fall to the floor every morning when I get out of bed & push my crazy hair out of my face. I swear I vacuum my bedroom at least three times a day…NOT PER WEEK…PER DAY!! Now I’m getting signalled by my little beeen & Jian, telling me that it’s time to produce more milk from my teats via my fancy-schmancy electric pump. Until next time, cheers!

Today’s song of the day:

Today I dyed my own hair. All by myself.

Going to the hair salon can be a very time-consuming, expensive task. I’ve only gone to the hair salon to get my hair dyed twice in my life (I’ve been dying my hair for quite a few years). Both times were horrible experiences/money wasters. Ever since then, I’ve been dyeing my own hair at home. I’ve tried various brands (Loreal’s Feria, Garnier Nutrisse, etc.), but my favorites are two Japanese brands that I’ve found to work best on my hair: Dariya’s Palty & Mandom’s Lucido-L.

Here, I’ve chronicled my hair dyeing experience.

* Lúcido-L is my favorite take-home hair coloring brand.

* So far, it gives the best overall even coverage, & the end result actually matches the color swatch on the box.

* The contents of the take-home box kit…

* The items needed for the 2-step easy process.

* Add the coloring to the dye mix & shake the bottle thoroughly for approx. 1-2 minutes.

* Apply the dye evenly & let it sit for approx. 1 hour. Of course, you know the rest…rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. After rinsing out the excess dye, apply the nourishing hair mask (pink pouch) & rinse (like it’s a conditioner). I go one step further by washing my hair with shampoo & conditioner after I dye my hair…just to make sure my hair is washed clean.

* This time, I took the extra step of using this hair repair mask (Graham Webb Silk Repair Advanced Therapy Treatment). I received this hair repair packet from a friend who recently got married. She gave me this as part of a gift set for being a bridesmaid in her wedding. I wanted to try this hair mask & thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. My review: Eh~ It’s not bad, but in the end, it’s not my cup of tea.

* This is the end result… I’ll try to post a “before” picture to show you what my root color looks like. It’s not a dramatic change, but I really wanted to hide my roots while freshening up my hair color in a sort of subtle way. Cheers!


December 2022

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