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Happy Friday. I had a small revelation about myself today while I was driving alone in my car. Well, it wasn’t that dramatic. It was more like, I was thinking about random, unimportant things. Then, I suddenly started to realize some quirky things that I tend to do without consciously acknowledging them.


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1. Unlike my husband, who gets incredibly excited to watch new movies in the theater upon their fresh release, I don’t really get hyped up to watch new movies. It’s hard to get me excited to watch a new movie in theaters. I tend to gravitate more towards older movies. I don’t only mean classics from the 50s & 60s… I’m more likely talking about movies that are already released on DVD. If I find a movie that I like, I can watch that movie over & over (5, 6, 7+ times) without getting bored or tired of it. I am not going to say which is my favorite movie. I just can’t say. However, I can say this for example, I have a watched Ratatouille about 10 times already…probably more, & I am not sick of it. I don’t understand why I get this way over movies, but I just like what I like.

2. I tend to be a compartmental eater. Whenever I’m eating, I eat my food in sections. If I have rice or other starch items on my plate, I don’t like having other foods with sauce touching it. I like to eat the side items first, then the main item, & save the starchy items for last. When I visit Starbucks, I tend to only get their cheese & fruit box if I order food. The box contains: a packet of multi-grain crackers (6 pieces), green apple slices, a small container of dried cranberries & almonds, & a selection of 3 cheeses (aged Cheddar, Gouda & Brie). I will first eat the apple slices, then the container of cranberries & almonds. Even with the berries & almonds, I will eat them separately. I will eat all the cranberries before I eat all the almonds. Next, I will eat the cheeses separately. First I will eat the Cheddar, then the Gouda. Then, I will eat the crackers. Hwre’s where I kind of loosen my compulsive reigns a bit. I usually save the piece of Brie for last, but sometimes I will deviate & eat it with the crackers. (Oh! So scandalous!

Well, that’s pretty much it. I recently told my husband about these 2 quirky things/habits of mine. He thinks I’m a bit odd, but he’s OK with it & so am I. I hope it’s sunny & hot wherever you are today. It’s nice & toasty where I am. Let’s enjoy. Cheers!

Hello there!  It’s been a while since my last posted entry, & I offer my apologies.  As it turns out, since the Thanksgiving festivities, my niece passed on her sick germs to me, & I got sick (yet again).  I ended up getting an ear infection coupled with a nice little sinus infection (wrapped up with a pretty bow).  It’s been over a week & I still have some lingering symptoms of my sinus infection.

HOWEVER………The show must go on!  I shall soldier on & continue my blog entry.

Xmas is fast approaching, & I must say that it is one of my most favorite holidays of the year.  Well, to clarify, I’d like to say that December is probably my favorite month of the year…since it’s the Winter season, Xmas festivities are celebrated all month long, AND…my nephew’s birthday is also in December.  So, for me, there’s lots of activities this month.  There’s also a few recent traditions that I’ve been keeping up with over the past few years.

Every year, around Nov/Dec, I like to stock up on new calendars for the next year.  (You’ve already seen my planner diary in my previous entries.)  Here are my new calendars for 2013:

This is the calendar for my spare bedroom at my parents’ house…
home calendar

This one is for my apartment.
Fun Fact: 赤塚不二夫 (Fujio Akatsuka) is the artist of popular comic 天才バカボン (Tensai Bakabon).
apartment calendar

This is the calendar I’ve been using for this year:
2012 calendar

I love festive decorations for any occasion…especially Xmas!!  I finally got my first Advent calendar.
Believe it or not, I actually got this at a Starbucks coffee shop in Tokyo.
I wasn’t able to find this at any U.S. Starbucks retailer (or at any China Starbucks), so I believe I got myself a good deal here.
advent calendar

This is what the apartment finally looks like after jazzing it up for the holidays.
I wanted to keep decorations to a minimum, since the apartment has very little storage space. (I don’t like clutter.)
Anyways, I will be spending the main parts of the Xmas holidays at my parents’ house…so…
I then got a small symbolic Xmas tree & added 2 Xmas edition LEGO sets from my growing LEGO collection.
apartment xmas

That’s pretty much it.  Not much else to report on our tiny home-front.  Oh wait!  I almost forgot…

I got a little trigger happy at the card shop (again) & got 3 new greeting cards to add to my ever-growing stash.

new greeting cards

I also got a storage case for  my decorative (Washi) paper tape.
My giant hobby box is just stuffed to the brim & couldn’t hold them all.
tape box





9GAG – The best things in life.

I found this really nice post on 9GAG (a social meme website), & I wanted to spread the word.  When I first read this post, my first reaction was to say “Awwwww”.

P.S. is one of my favorite websites to view funny pictures, posts, quotes, You Tube videos, etc.  Keep in mind, some posts are rated NSFW (a.k.a. Not Safe For Work).  Enjoy.


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