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“Oh, Cheese it!” is a new slang phrase that I made up for myself. I use this phrase in negative situations, rather than using my usual dirty longshoreman cuss words because 1. it sounds cute, & 2. because it’s safe to use around children and prudes. Instead of saying “Goddammit!” or “Shit!”, like when you stub your toe really hard, or when you drop something important, I would say “Oh, Cheese it!”. It’s cheesy (pun intended), I know, but I like using this phrase. I think it’s fun.

Now, I’m using this phrase because something negative happened. For the first time in a long while, I finally made a bad stationery purchase. How could this  have happened? I am usually so picky & choosy when it comes to buying stationery. I can browse the store for hours trying to look for the perfect notepad, pen, sticker, or other office supply item. I used to be the type of person who had to buy everything “cute” at the stationery goods store, but that quickly turned me into more hoarder than collector, so I gave away a lot of things I either had no use for or grew disinterested in. That groomed me to become more selective in the types of stationery goods I buy & use.

Well, I fell back into old habits again. I got caught up in the razzle-dazzle of the Japanese discount store Ichiban Kan. I was picking out some things to fill a stationery care package I was making for my younger cousin. (We have been very close ever since she was in diapers.) We both share a love for Japanese stationery & Japanese culture, & I just felt like spoiling her a little bit, since she never asks for anything. I saw so many pretty & cute, yet ridiculous goods at the discount store. I just couldn’t help myself. While I was picking out things for my cousin, I was also picking out extra things for myself. I must have been running on some sort of endorphin high, or perhaps something in the air fried my brain because I just grabbed whatever I thought looked cool without properly giving it my thorough, self-perfectionist examination.

Compared to some of the other times I’ve walked out of stationery stores, I think this purchase was quite modest. For my cousin, I only bought a Mount Fuji sticky notepad & a pad of animal shaped notecards. For myself, I bought a few sets of stickers & washi tape rolls. Let me lay it out straight for you. I.WAS. KIND OF. DISAPPOINTED. This was the first time I’ve ever been disappointed in my stationery goods purchase. Well, hold on a minute. I wasn’t completely disappointed with my purchase. The stickers were okay, but it was the washi tapes that really bummed me out.

This was the first thing I picked out, a roll of dog stickers. First of all, I really like how the roll is perforated, so you can tear off individual stickers, or if you’re like me…to shorten the used end of the roll to make it look neater/tidier. I really like the breeds of dogs used for these stickers. I’m so happy that there’s a Shiba Inu in the mix, as well as a Pomeranian that looks like the famous super pup Boo. Mostly, I couldn’t say no to the oh-so-adorable pug! Sorry for my lack of photography skills; my photos don’t do these items any justice. These stickers look matte in my photo, but they’re actually semi-glossy.


The next few things I picked were these sets of stickers. The first sheet says “和ものシール” (wamo no shiiru) which means “traditional seal”. The word “seal” is how the Japanese use to describe the word “sticker”. I was initially drawn to these stickers because of the rabbits! How could you deny those cute little bunnies? Plus, I really liked the traditional design & the rice paper texture of the stickers. As you can see, I’ve already used one of the rabbits. The other two sets are “flake seals”, which in Japanese “flake” is used to describe die-cut stickers.  The set on the top has a forrest theme, while the set on the bottom are all kinds of birds. I really like these stickers because they are thin stickers, but I’d say they are pretty durable. I’ve already used one of the flower stickers, & I like how the stickers are slightly transparent. These stickers also have a rice paper texture, but a more smooth feeling. I haven’t tried any of the bird stickers yet. They look a little bit too soft in color for my taste, but I guess we’ll see how it all turns out.


Here’s where things take a sour turn. I was so excited to see so many different patterns of washi tapes at the Japanese discount store. Washi tape rolls can get very expensive (especially if you get ones with metallic foil accents). I try not to buy washi tape unless they’re on sale or at the discount store. Of course, I wanted to buy all of the tapes, but I forced myself to pick & choose only the select ones I knew I’d purposefully use. I got these three washi tape rolls. The first roll says “Thank You” in various languages. The gold lettering is supposed to have a slightly metallic shine, but my bad photography skills strike yet again, & you can’t really see it here. The second roll says “ありがとう” (Arigatou) which means “Thank You” & “ほんの気持ちです。” (Hon’ no kimochi desu.) which means “A feeling of gratitude”. I really liked the third washi tape roll because it looked quite Scandinavian & will look nice on wrapped gifts. Boy, oh boy. I can’t even with these damn washi tapes! Sure, they look pretty, but their looks are so deceiving! These tapes feel like every other washi tape out on the market, but they are far from the same quality. They don’t even stick to anything you use them on (not even plain white paper). I tried using the flower pattern tape on an envelope I was going to mail to my sister, but the ends kept curling up off the envelope, & no matter how many times I tried to really press down on the tape, it would just peel its ends off of the envelope. I’m pretty bummed right now that I bought these duds. There goes $4.50 USD right down the drain.


Well, that’s a lesson learned for me. Cheap is cheap, I guess. You better believe that the next time I won’t be so quick to buy everything off the shelves, & I will carefully inspect the items before I buy them. Until then, cheers!

Today’s song of the day:

Well, as you may have heard…I am a huge sticker/decal fanatic.  I mean, I am just BA-NA-NA-S for all things stickers (bumper stickers, decals, deco washi tape, etc.)  This is painfully expressed in my previous posts 1 & 2.  So, what better way to show off my obsession passion for stickers by plastering them all over my laptop!  This is what I have done so far, & I am definitely planning on adding more…

laptop cover1

  1. エステバン (Esuteban) a.k.a. Esteban.  This what I’ve named my laptop.  Yes, that’s weird, but I’m OK with it.
  2. Teriyaki Source sticker.  This is a nod to the Japanese rap band TERIYAKI BOYZ (which you may recognize from the Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift movie soundtrack)
  3. MACKDADDY decal.  MACDADDY is a popular hip-hop streetwear brand from Japan.
  4. Black Icon Urban Garment sticker.  This is one of the many logos from each clothing season of the famous Japanese streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD.
  5. B Side Label Fox decal.  The phrase says: 狐の嫁入いです (kitsune no yomeiri idesu), which I think roughly translates to “To be married into a fox” (?)  I’m a bit doubtful of my translation…
  6. BAPE STA sticker.  This is a nod to the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (a.k.a. BAPE).
  7. Fragment Design decal.  Fragment is also another popular streetwear brand from Japan.
  8. NEXUSVII (Nexus 7) paper sticker.  Yet another popular streetwear brand from Japan.
  9. HUF ‘H’ decal.  Finally a label not from Japan.  This one’s an urban skater/streetwear brand from San Francisco.
  10. B Side Label Otter decal.  I can’t really make out what the characters say on this one, since the writing is so small and squished together.  I could only decipher the word “safety”, or something like that.
  11. NEIGHBORHOOD Urban Garment sticker.  This is the main logo for the Japanese streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD.  As you can see, I am a big fan of this brand (& so is my husband).
  12. Firmament Berlin Renaissance sticker.  Firmament Berlin is a popular clothing shop located in Germany.  They carry various urban streetwear brands, most from Japan.


So, I got this idea from randomly surfing around on You Tube yesterday.  I had recently subscribed to the Vlog of a YouTuber who posted a video response to the question “What are 5 recent things you are obsessed/in love with?”, and I got the idea to post my answers as well.  But…..I’m totally lazy & I am absolutely not motivated to make a low-budget YouTube video of myself.  Instead, I’m much more inclined to type this out.  So, here it goes:

5 Recent Things I’m Obsessed With:

1. Pinky Street vinyl dolls:
Created by the Japanese company Vance Project, these little 8-inch cuties are hard to resist!  They are so much fun to collect because they aren’t just any typical Barbie-type plastic doll.  With these dolls, the customization is practically endless.  All the dolls have removable snap-on hair (so you can mix & match the front & back hair pieces) & interchangeable clothes.  In the original sets, each package included: 1 dressed up doll + 1 extra outfit (to mix & match) + 1 accessory item (that you can snap onto its hand) + 1 hair accessory item (i.e. extra set of bangs, ribbons, or a hat).  There are also many tutorials & DIY books you can find online about how to customize your own Pinky dolls by painting them & using sculpy clay.  My Pinky dolls collection has reached over 60+ dolls (plus 1 model car, 1 comic book, 1 accessories kit, 1 military weapons kit, 2 postcard sets, 1 diorama making book & 2 DIY books).  For me, it’s not really an expensive hobby since each doll costs around $12USD a piece (including all the little accessories that come with it).

2. Stickers:
I’m absolutely obsessed with stickers & I love to collect them.  My fiancee thinks I’m nuts & also thinks that collecting stickers is a stupid hobby, but I can assure you that I am not like some coin collector or stamp collector.  I actually use my stickers. Yes, I do.  I love to use my stickers to personalize & decorate greeting cards & handwritten letters (yes, I do still write snail mail!).

3. Calendars:
I love calendars, especially decorative ones that you can hang on the wall because those can double as cute wall art.  I often like to save my old calendars & use them as posters or framed pictures.  You just cut off the bottom edge where the dates are & voila!  You can use the upper picture as a poster or wall art!

4. Diary (a.k.a. schedule notebook):
In Japan they are often called a “diary”.  For the rest of us, it’s just a glorified schedule notebook.  I love using these notebooks to keep track of what’s going on in my life.  However, I don’t really use them for the purpose they were intended.  For all of my important appointments, I use my cell phone since I can set an alarm reminder.  I use my diary to write down everything that I’ve done in the day…kind of as a record of all the things I’ve done.  I also like to go back & read all of my old entries & reminisce about all of the fun stuff I’ve done.

5. Background wallpapers:
I love to use custom background wallpapers on all of my electronic devices.  (Please see my previous post about where I like to get my HQ desktop backgrounds).   Every few months I will rotate my background wallpapers & it really adds a pop of eye candy & daily inspiration.

This is a picture of all of my Pinky dolls:


This is a picture of my sticker collection.  This is only 75% of my entire collection.  I have over 150+ sheets of stickers:

These are the current calendars I’m using in my room. The first is a pop-up desk calendar & the 2nd is a wall calendar by the brand fewmany:


This is the current diary I’m using.  I bought a plain diary from the Japanese stationery store LoFT & added some decals & a few crystal beads to make it look personalized:

Here are the current background images I’m using:
1. macbook, 2. iPad, 3. iPhone


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