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Jian and I just tried this cocktail recipe at home, but with a few minor substitutions. We recently ran out of Redbreast Irish Whiskey & Laphroaig 10-year Scotch. In our house, we tend to go through many bottles of whisky, whiskey, & bourbon within a relatively short amount of time…but that doesn’t mean we don’t savor or enjoy our bottles. Of course we thoroughly enjoy every single drop of each delightful brown liquor. To put things plainly: We. Drink. A. Lot.

Anyway, we were missing 2 out of the 5 ingredients for this recipe. We substituted the Irish whiskey for Gentleman’s Jack whiskey & substituted Laphroaig Scotch with Lagavulin 16-year Scotch. Ever since I introduced Jian to St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, we always keep a bottle stocked in our kitchen, so there was no substitution there. However, instead of using Death & Co.’s brand of bitters, we used a mix of Fee Brothers Orange BittersAngostura Bitters. With a twist of the lemon rind…& voilà! We made our own version of the Cooper Union cocktail, & it was deee-lish! Cheers!

The Cooper Union: an Irish whiskey Sazerac with St. Germain and a smoky Laphroaig Scotch nose.

Source: Sazerac Variations: the Cooper Union Cocktail


I’m excited to get away for a few days. I don’t really live such a fast-paced, hectic life, but it still is good to take a step away from the everyday things & take some time to breathe & relax. It not only recharges one’s body, but it also gives one a moment away from the same ho-hum repetitive schedule. Next week, I will be jetting off to Portland, Oregon. It’s not quite an exotic locale, but I’ve been wanting to visit Portland for a long time, to really take some time to explore the city.

Of course, the popular IFC TV show Portlandia has increased my interest in visiting the city, but it’s by no means the main reason I want to go there. I’ve driven through this city a few times on my way to Seattle & Canada. I’ve even stayed overnight once, but I’ve never actually seen this city for myself. I am very excited that I will get the chance to do so, next week.

There are three main things I must check off my To-Do list while I’m in Portland.

1. Drink plenty of coffee
Although Srumptown & Sterling are my favorite coffee roasters, there are plenty of other coffee roasters to try. I’d say that over Seattle, Portland is the true city of coffee.

2. Drink plenty of craft beer
I’ve been watching Esquire TV‘s shows Best Bars In America & Brew Dogs, & those two shows really opened my eyes to craft beers. Portland’s got tons of local craft breweries that I can’t wait to check out.

3. Drink plenty of whisk(e)y
I am making my way to Multnomah Whisky Library. I am not leaving until I’ve had my fair share of fine whisky. Did I ever mention that I’m a pretty big whisky drinker? Oh, well…now that cat has left the bag…

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So, my fiancee has been singing some praises about the Whiskey Sour cocktail this Xmas season…& I’m not really a whiskey (or brown liquor) fan, but this drink is good.  Coming from the view of a person who prefers gin-based cocktails, I can’t believe I actually can tolerate this beverage…  I think I will whip up a few of these for my mom’s blow-out Xmas Eve party extravaganza this year.

Cheers! (Thanks Douglas M Ford @ Dangerous Drinks blog for this recipe!)

via: Dangerous Drinks: The Whiskey Sour.


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