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Whatever happened to the handkerchief? It has been pushed aside, only to be thought of as a mere suit/tuxedo accessory. I don’t see why we can’t bring back the proper use of a handkerchief! I use one everyday.

Handkerchiefs are very handy & quite practical, not to mention stylish as well. There are many practical uses for them, some of them being:
1. Wiping one’s mouth, in the event no napkin is readily available.
2. Blowing/wiping one’s nose in a more discreet manner.
3. Courteously dabbing the perspiration off one’s brow, on hot, muggy days, or in tense situations.
4. Politely offering one’s kerchief to a damsel in need of a little discretion & male chivalry.
5. To cover one’s nose in the event of an awful stench wafting in the air.
6. To blindfold or gently cuff the wrists in the throes of erotic foreplay with one’s lover.

Now can you see what I’m talking about? Can’t you see the many uses of a handkerchief? I, in fact, have several in my possession…& I’m happy to admit it. I always keep one on hand in my purse & one in my bed at home. In spite of sounding cheesy, I have also named my kerchief; just the one in my bed though. I have named it Mr. Tom Hanks (‘Hanks’ being the play on the word handkerchief). On some rare occasions I call it Mr. Hanky, but that gives me an awful reminder of the South Park show’s Christmas poo, so I rarely use that name.

Oh, I’ve been using a handkerchief for many years, since I was a small child. I learned at an early age the many practicalities of the kerchief from my dad. He always kept two in his pocket: one disheveled & ragged for rudely wiping his nose in private, & another more well-kept which he would use infront of others. My dad always advised me to have one on-hand at all times. I had severe allergies as a small child, & he really disliked it when I would wipe my ever-dripping nose with the back of my hand or shirtsleeve. I took his words wholeheartedly & have applied them daily.

Since the untimely passing of my father, which I usually never mention until now, the handkerchief has become my symbolic version of my dad. Still keeping the handkerchief my dad had given me, it will always remind me of him.


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