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I’m having a hard time confessing this, but I have written my first fan mail.  I kind of feel as though the whole idea of writing a fan club letter to a celebrity is really cheesy & a bit juvenile, but I have recently come across a person I really feel a strong, honest, genuine connection with.  So, I’ve felt compelled to write that particular person a real heartfelt letter.  This the only sane, normal, proper/effective way I know how to reach out to that person without actually flying halfway across the country, tracking that person down at their filming location & stalker-fangirling him.

Right now, one part of me feels like a love-sick puppy-dog teenager who is writing to their favorite One Direction band member…like I’ve somehow jumped back to the 90s & I’m reading a copy of Teen Beat magazine with poster cut-outs of HansonBackstreet Boys taped all over my bedroom walls.  Another part of me feels nervous, hoping that this person will actually read what I wrote, & not let this letter be thrown into the trash heap or shuffled to the bottom of a mountainous pile of love letters, never to see the light of day.  I’ve got my fingers crossed in hopes that I will get a genuine reply & not some generic form letter typed out by the talent agency’s PR secretary.

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m doing something illicit, something naughty?  I guess I feel like a person of my age is too old to be sending ‘flowery’ fan mail to their favorite celebrity.  I feel like I’m 34 driving in a 16 mph zone…if you catch my drift.

Well, at least I didn’t doodle love hearts all over the paper & spritz my perfume on it.  That would just be too creepy. Blaaaaagh!  Here’s to hoping that when I reach out, that person will reach out to me in return (in a positive way, & not some creepy fangirl way).  Cheers on this Friday!

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