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I see this popular trend on YouTube about ladies sharing the contents of their purses.  I even once made a video about that topic once upon a time; that was when I first tried my hand at YouTube a long time ago.  Now, I’ve decided to do another “What’s in my bag?” style post.  No matter how hard I try to keep things simple, I just can’t seem to shrink the size of my bag or minimize the contents within.  Let’s be Nosy Nancy’s and take a look-see, shall we?

DSC2593_Fotor1. Le Sportsac purse organizer, a “free” gift from a Japanese fashion magazine
2. iPad 2 & 3. Bose noise-cancelling headphones
4. Madewell slim glasses case & 5. Prada sunglasses
6. Rootote purse keychain & 7. Kate Spade “Eat Cake For Breakfast” tote purse
8. Porter Yoshida Classic raw denim pouch & 9. Small calendar planner/journal
10. Strawberry flavored mints, 11. Carmex chapstick & 12. Sample-sized lipgloss
13. Comme des Garçon medium leather wallet w/ NEIGHBORHOOD dice keychain
14. Tempo brand jasmine scented tissue pack

Want to see what’s inside that conspicuous denim pouch???

1. Wet Ones hand-wipes & 2. Bandages
3. Muji folding brush & 4. Small bottle of Aesop hand lotion
5. Spare set of keys, 6. denim pouch & 7. Spare headphones
8. Emergency pill box (Translation: Very hot, please be careful.)
9. Pilot Frixon Ball Gel Ink Erasable 0.5mm Pens in black & blue
10. Muji scissors pen & 11. Tide stain-remover pen
12. Ladies’ feminine you-know-whats


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