I got back from my cousin’s wedding in one piece. Thank heavens! Usually when I go on vacation, I like to take an obscene amount of photos, but it was just too damn HOT & HUMID to do anything other than sip cocktails in the air conditioned bar or lounge around in the pool. Well, at least my aunt took enough photos on her camera to share with everyone.

I had a great time in Puerto Vallarta. My cousin had a super chillaxed wedding. It was full of celebration, love, family, & a huge bright pink elephant in the room known as drama. I’m not going to address the “pink elephant” whatsoever, other than to say it was there in full effect. That is all. My cousin looked beautiful in her white dress & veil. I was a little taken aback by the bright emerald green ties & navy gingham shirts worn by the groomsmen & the dark gray strapless dresses worn by the bridesmaids, but otherwise, the decorations were simple & tasteful. My family really knows how to eat, drink & party hard.

The hotel my cousin & most of our family stayed at was aptly named Villa Amor. It was a rustic hotel nestled on a small cliff side, overlooking the beach. The place I stayed at with my mom & brother was a modern all-inclusive resort 10 minutes away from my cousin’s hotel. When I say the resort was all-inclusive, I mean that all food, drinks, & amenities are included in the price of the vacation package. All you really needed to pay for was gratuity & the resort’s private taxi costs. It was easy to get around town & explore as well as lounge about on the beach.

Despite the muggy, almost unbearable humidity, we all had a blast celebrating my cousin’s wedding. There was plenty of eating & drinking, as well as tons of dancing, games, karaoke at a local dive bar, & golf cart riding. There was even a small Lip-Sync performance during the rehearsal dinner. Seeing my male cousin wearing pink socks & singing along to 80s music is pure comedy!

I am so burnt out from this trip. I still have a load of laundry to wash, a dress or two to dryclean, & a suitcase to put back into storage. No, wait. I still have to use my suitcase. In 3 weeks I’m heading off to San Diego for ComicCon (a.k.a. SDCC). I’m going to spend a few extra days in SoCal before & after ComicCon, just to avoid the rush of traffic from all the travelers heading to San Diego for this epic event. I am very excited for ComicCon, but I’m not exited about the packing experience. I feel like I just finished packing & unpacking from my trip to Mexico. Oh well. Here we go again. Cheers!

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