It’s just been one event after another with me these days. That’s the reason I’ve been spotty with updating this darn blog. So many family gatherings & personal events are keeping me occupied & away from all electronic devices. Believe it or not, all this running around business has helped me to recharge a bit, because I got to take a step back from my smartphone (named Alphonse) & iPad (named Roger). I’m not going to get into why I like to give names to inanimate objects right now.

After coming back from my cousin’s wedding in Mexio, I had about a week to unpack, wash my laundry, clean up the house, & prepare for my sister to visit with her two extremely lovable children. I often thought that as children grow older, especially from the toddler stages to older childhood, they would become increasingly independent & not want to be around “grown ups” as much, play with their friends more, & spend less time with family. I thought this would eventually happen with my sister’s kids, but that has just not been true. The more I spend time with my nephew & niece, the more attached they become with me. I absolutely adore this & adore them, & I’m going to treasure these moments for as long as I possibly can. My nephew & niece are obviously loud & rambunctious kids at ages 7 & 5 respectively. However, they are also loving, fun, caring, & weird. Yes, I said weird. My nephew is incredibly sensitive. He will get upset if everyone is at home, but not all in the same room playing together. No, that doesn’t make him selfish. He just wants to be surrounded by the people he loves. My niece has an unhealthy obsession with makeup at such a young age. C’mon! She already knows what mascara is & how to put it on! Fortunately my sister has placed boundaries on makeup & only allows my niece to wear lip gloss…sometimes eyeshadow if she has a ballet recital.

I love my nephew & niece. They always love having me around & playing with me. My nephew & I text message each other often. That sounds strange, to be texting with a 7-year old kid, but he only does it when he gets permission from his parents, & it truly helps him learn to spell & learn proper grammar. Ever since my nephew was born, we’ve had an unbreakable bond. We’ve always been super close, sometimes to the point where my sister gets a bit jealous (she has admitted this aloud). I’ve only recently become close with my niece. Before, she would generally gravitate towards males, like her uncles & my dad, but we are now close & she trusts me. I’m so unbelievably happy to have these kids in my life. They truly brighten up my life, & I always look forward to seeing them, even if only in a picture or by text message. Recently, I’ve been teaching my nephew & niece to write letters. I’ve already sent them a few letters by post, & they like receiving colorful things in the mail. It’s been fun. Well, actually, I’m heading to the post office now. Until then, cheers!


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