I love to drink milk (just plain, not flavored like chocolate, strawberry, soy, or almond). I also love the word “milk”. Well, this is actually the verb “to milk”, but I enjoy the action word anyway. There is one specific book on my tablet’s e-reader app that uses this word frequently. I have probably read this book well over a dozen times, & I never get sick of it. This particular book is one of my all-time favorites (even though it’s not one of our history’s classic works of literature, or a Pulitzer prize winner). I always find myself going back to re-read my most favorite parts of the book, which coincidentally, often contain the word “milk” in them. Referring to the cold beverage as well as the action word, I find the word “milk” to be quite sexy & a little erotic. I’d like to use this word more in my everyday vocabulary…if only others would not interpret my words as smutty innuendo. Let’s see if I can try to use this word more, hm…? Cheers!

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