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soggy afternoon

The weather-caster has predicted rain all week long, & I am very much enjoying this wet weather. During the daytime, I put on some music from my Internet Radio while the rain is peppering the home windows, turn on my portable heater, & hammer through a day’s worth of work from my “home office” (if you can even call my computer station a home office). During the afternoons & evenings, I turn on my gas fireplace & curl up with an e-book on my iPad. (Sometimes I’ll have the TV on in the background.)

The rain makes me feel quite productive; the rhythmic sound of the rain calms my mood & my mind. It truly helps me to focus & get my work done.

On a particular day like today, I’ve already sorted out my daily correspondence, mail/post, bills, & now I’m tackling a mountain mound of laundry. Usually, one does not think of doing laundry on a wet & soggy day full of rain (especially if you’ve got a ton of delicates to hand-wash), but for me, this is a perfect day to get all of my laundry done (not that I save all of my dirty laundry until the last moment.) So, I’m cranking up music from my iTunes program. Today it’s French Pop day; I’ve got Joe Dassin, Françoise Hardy, & Sylvie Vartan on repeat. I’ve just finished ironing a huge pile of dress shirts, & now I can sit down & relax with a cup of hot coffee (with lots of cream & a little sugar, please).

The rain may be preventing me from going on an outing today, but I still feel very much like I have accomplished a lot. Cheers.

Today’s song of the day:

I’ve been so busy lately, from decorating my new apartment and settling in/down. I never fully realized how busy one can get doing even the simplest of day-to-day chores.

Going from one load of laundry every two weeks, to one load of laundry every 4-5 days is just baffling to me!  (It’s not that I’m being OCD. Our in-house washer/dryer unit is super tiny & can’t hold more than 5 t-shirts without filling to the top.)  Also, my apartment may only be 700 sq. feet in size, but it really takes quite a bit of furniture to fill the space…

All in all, I can’t wait for all the “dust to settle”, so I can settle down & finally relax & enjoy my space.


March 2023

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